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What Can Cheek Implants Do For Me?

Feel good about your cheeks

Cheek implants aren’t perhaps as well known as chin implants, nor their less permanent version of dermal filler in the cheek and other facial fillers. However, permanent cheek implants can go a long way towards refining the shaping and symmetry of your facial profile, while accentuating your best features. This blog will explain what cheek implants are, how they work, and what the risk and rewards are.   

What are Cheek Implants?

A cheek implant is, as the name suggests, a piece of silicon specifically designed to alter the shape of your cheeks. Getting a cheek implant is a surgical procedure that involves a cosmetic surgeon placing the implant below the skin. This is similar to other implant surgeries, such as chin implants.

You might hear cheek implants referred to as “malar implants” or “submalar implants”. Submalar implants are designed to be placed just below the lower eyeline. Malar implants, conversely, are designed to be implanted below the submalar region, right about where your cheek bout is located. Generally, malar implants are more popular – but you can also get both implanted at the same time! 

Why get Cheek Implants?

Cheek implants tend to be most popular among the 40+ age bracket. At this point in your life, the natural aging process tends to lead to sagging in the cheek area and a volume loss in mid face.

These signs of aging can lead to a sunken or “haggard” appearance. Implants help improve the volume in this area of the face. This creates a more “filled-in” and smooth-looking area.

Cheek implants are a popular solution to add volume because they are both flexible and permanent. You can get implants modified specifically to fit the shape and size of your face and give the exact visual appearance you desire. 

Cheek Implants vs. Cheek Filler

Another popular method of adding volume to the malar or submalar areas are “cheek fillers”. Instead of surgically inserting silicon, cheek fillers involve the injection of a liquid filler into the cheek area.

Cheek filler injections come with the main benefit of being non-surgical. This means that they take less time to be applied, and require less recovery time. This makes them popular for smaller touch ups and helps people quickly return to work.

However, they do have some downsides compared to implants. The most glaring downside is that they are not permanent. Cheek fillers will eventually have to be replaced, while implants are permanent. Implants will also generally give you a greater level of precision in shape. 

What are the Side Effects of Getting Cheek Implants?

Despite being a surgical procedure, getting implants is pretty quick. Getting cheek implants generally involves a surgery time of about one hour. Cheek implants are also very easy to get done at the same time as other cosmetic surgeries on the face, such as facelifts – they won’t add much extra time since the implants can use the same incisions.

Since the surgery involves a general anesthetic, you will want to take out an entire day to get it done. You should also arrange to have a friend and family member drive you back after the surgery is completed. 

After the surgery is finished, you should expect that movement of your mouth and lips will be limited for a while. You should also be prepared for swelling and bruising for about a week.

You should need to be somewhat careful about the sutures. Often, the incisions for cheek implants are made inside the mouth – take care not to tear them out. After about 10 days they will naturally dissolve. After this, there’s nothing more to do but enjoy your new face!
If you have any questions about cheek implant costs in Toronto, or just want to see some cheek fillers before and after pictures, don’t hesitate to contact us – we’re always happy to help!

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