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Facelift Case #34

before and after facelift procedure from local toronto female from doctor richard rival

local toronto female before and after facelift procedure

Cosmetic Facial Surgeon: Dr. Richard Rival

Procedures Performed: Facelift

This woman’s excess tissue at the jawline created saggy, pouching areas that gave her lower face a flabby, wrinkled appearance that she did not like. A high-quality facial plastic surgeon in Toronto can adapt different procedures to the needs of the individual patient, so in this patient’s consultation she and Dr. Rival explored a few different options to tighten those loose tissues.

Facelift can focus on the surface-level tissues alone, or tighten the underlying muscles as well. For a patient like this woman, who has relatively good muscle tone but also has a saggy appearance because of loose skin and tissue, a method focusing on the soft tissues may be enough to restore a more refreshed appearance. New, gentler and more precise techniques for liposuction also allow surgeons to remove excess fat even from sensitive areas like the jaw, neck, and lower cheek areas.

In this patient’s facelift, Dr. Rival removed some of the excess soft tissue around the chin and tightened loose skin. The result is a much smoother and firmer look that gives the patient a refreshed, more attractive appearance.

The patient was very happy to see that her procedure erased a lot of the “tired” look from her face, giving it a refreshed appearance that overall looks healthier and happier. As a result of her cosmetic surgery in Toronto, she no longer appears to have jowls. Her skin also has a more healthy tone, with fewer wrinkles.

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