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Otoplasty Case #4

toronto local boy child with ear surgery before and after

Cosmetic Facial Surgeon: Dr. Richard Rival

Procedures Performed: Otoplasty (Ear Surgery)

When young children possess large ears that stand out prominently from the head, they can often experience ridicule from their classmates. These concerns often can be alleviated by ear surgery (or “otoplasty”) to reposition the child’s prominent ears so that they rest close to the head and appear smaller and more natural. As a Toronto facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Rival performs this procedure on a full spectrum of patients, though he generally finds that the procedure is most successful when the child is between ages 4 and 14 before the ear cartilage has fully hardened.

The parents of this boy found comfort in Dr. Rival’s calm and helpful manner, as well as his extensive experience with procedures of this type. After discussing their options with Dr. Rival and their son, they concluded that otoplasty would be most appropriate for him.

Although otoplasty is minimally invasive, Dr. Rival generally recommends that younger patients such as this boy undergo the 2-3 hour procedure under general anesthesia. In his procedure Dr. Rival made a small incision at the back of this boy’s ears, and then carefully adjusted the angle of the ears, moving them closer to the boy’s head.

As you can see in his post-operative photo, this boy’s ears now sit more appropriately at the sides of his face. Now that his ears no longer distract from his face, his features appear more natural and normal, and he seems more self-confident and relaxed as a result of his Toronto cosmetic surgery.

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