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Otoplasty Case #5

cosmetic otoplasty ear surgery case from local toronto boy

Cosmetic Facial Surgeon: Dr. Richard Rival

Procedures Performed: Otoplasty (Ear Surgery)

Protruding ears can create problems with self-image and confidence even at a young age. This young boy underwent otoplasty, a Toronto cosmetic surgery to re-orient the ears when their position makes them appear awkward and overly large. The boy’s left ear also protruded significantly more than the right, suggesting corrective surgery to restore balance.

After examining the boy’s ears and discussing the goals and methods for the procedure, Dr. Rival recommended an otoplasty to restore a more natural position. Otoplasty is most popular for young patients because their ear cartilage has not yet fully hardened, allowing the surgeon to correct the ears’ shape and position more easily. To avoid “flattening” the ears, Dr. Rival uses a suture technique that allows him to re-position the ears at an appropriate angle and distance from the head, for results that look more natural.

The boy and his parents were concerned about possible scarring, so in his procedure, Dr. Rival used a fine incision and suture in the natural crease of the ear. He also re-positioned each ear uniquely in order to account for the initial asymmetry and create a balanced final result.

In the post-operative photo, we see ears that appear at an appropriate angle from the face and harmonize with the rest of the patient’s features. Because Toronto facial plastic surgeon Dr. Rival took the boy’s natural features into account during the surgery, the ears have a much more flattering position and appear smaller and less distracting.

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