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Rhinoplasty Revision Case #57

Cosmetic Facial Surgeon: Dr. Richard Rival

Procedures Performed: Rhinoplasty Revision

This middle-aged man opted for cosmetic surgery in order to boost his confidence and improve his appearance. He underwent a rhinoplasty a few years ago from one of the other rhinoplasty surgeons in Toronto, but instead of feeling better about his new look, he was dissatisfied with his results.

His nose still looked asymmetric in appearance and too much tissue had been removed from the top of the nasal bridge. After his surgery, the lower part of the patient’s bridge was still too large, and as you can see in the pre-operative photo, the tip of his nose was still mildly over-projected and droopy. In his consultation with Toronto rhinoplasty surgeon Dr. Rival, this patient explored different options to revise his previous procedure and regain a more confident appearance.

Dr. Rival performed an external-approach rhinoplasty to reduce the lower bridge and straighten the septum. He performed a cartilage graft using the patient’s own tissues to reconstruct the upper part of the bridge and create a more natural shape. While some surgeons prefer to use synthetic materials to build up the nasal structure, Dr. Rival generally prefers to use the patient’s own tissue whenever possible. He utilizes techniques like this in order to provide a faster, more comfortable recovery and to minimize the possibility of the kinds of complications that are sometimes associated with nasal implants.

This patient is very pleased with the results of his plastic rhinoplasty surgery in Toronto and very relieved to have finally attained the results he has always desired. As you can see in the post-operative photo, his nose is now straight, symmetrical, and no longer droopy. His recovery was normal and his results look very natural.

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