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Rhinoplasty Case #103

Brunette female nose job before and after.

Toronto nosejob by Dr. Richard Rival

Female nosejob by Toronto Plastic Surgeon Dr Richard RIval

up nose view of before and after nosejob by Toronto plastic surgeon

Cosmetic Facial Surgeon: Dr. Richard Rival

Procedures Performed: Rhinoplasty

This young woman had a rhinoplasty consultation in Toronto with Dr. Rival. She disliked the prominence of her nose. She felt it was too long and hated the profile view. Her pre-operative photos reveal that her nose is long and she has a bump on the bridge giving a convex shape to the profile. Her nose also looks too wide from the frontal view, taking up “too much room” on the face.

Dr. Rival performed rhinoplasty for this patient through a closed approach. The tip was lifted and set back and narrowed. The bridge was reduced and narrowed. One can now see a much more attractive nasal profile and from the front a far less prominent more refined nose that enhances her already attractive features.

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