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Rhinoplasty Case #30

white middle aged female rhinoplasty on toronto woman

Cosmetic Facial Surgeon: Dr. Richard Rival

Procedures Performed: Rhinoplasty

Many people have complaints about the shape and structure of their nose, feeling that it causes a facial imbalance and directs attention away from their eyes. This woman was bothered by the large, bulbous shape of her nose tip, as it lacked definition and seemed almost independent from her other facial features. When she met with Dr. Rival for a rhinoplasty consultation in Toronto, she explained that her nose felt too wide on her narrow face and she desired a more natural-looking balance.

In some cases where the patient has too little nasal tissue, a tip rhinoplasty can be performed using “nonsurgical” cosmetic surgery in Toronto. However, a traditional surgical approach is necessary to reduce the size of the nose tip. Dr. Rival took some time to discuss this patient’s goals and explain the benefits of rhinoplasty surgery options before she and Dr. Rival concluded that an external approach rhinoplasty would meet her needs.

This approach, which allows for a high degree of precision in the extensive reduction process, requires a small incision across the columella, the skin that separates the nostrils. Through this incision as well as incisions inside the nose, the doctor can very precisely and accurately adjust the structure and appearance of the nose in order to ensure a pleasing final result.

During her consultation, this patient had been cautioned that the thick skin at the end of her nose could limit the extent of her reduction. Despite the possible obstacle, Dr. Rival was able to make significant improvements to the width of her nasal bridge at the same time as he reduced the size of the tip. The resulting nose shape appears very well balanced and more proportional to this young woman’s face, and will continue to improve as the tissues heal. In her follow-up appointment the patient made it clear that Dr. Rival’s rhinoplasty procedure had generated highly satisfying results.

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