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“Injectable” Rhinoplasty Patients Choosing Nose Surgery in Toronto

While “injectable” nose jobs in Toronto are often touted as a cheap and easy substitute for certain types of nose surgery, Toronto facial plastic surgeon Dr. Richard Rival explains why these procedures may offer less permanent results and fewer benefits than surgical rhinoplasty.

Toronto, Canada (February 2009) – In recent months Dr. Richard Rival, a board-certified facial plastic surgeon, has seen an increase in the number of men and women considering nose surgery in Toronto to repair or revise their nasal structure. As the centerpiece of the face, it is no wonder that people wish for the “perfect nose” that will complement their other facial features. The only concern holding most people back? Actually going under the knife.

“Some patients do not like the thought of surgery, which is why non-surgical approaches often seem like an attractive solution for many patients,” says Toronto facial plastic surgeon Dr. Richard Rival. “I’ve seen an increasing number of men and women who have tried non-surgical rhinoplasty and now feel that a surgical approach is better suited to their goals. People considering a “nose job” are intrigued by the idea of injectable rhinoplasty, but it isn’t the right approach for everyone, and for the majority of rhinoplasty patients a surgical approach is much more appropriate.”

A non- surgical nose job in Toronto aims to accomplish some of the same goals as traditional rhinoplasty – greater symmetry and a more even, attractive shape for the nose – but the procedure is entirely different from surgical approaches. “Injectable rhinoplasty” is a quick procedure that is typically used to help create a more defined nasal bridge or slightly more prominent nasal tip for patients with a softer nose or a “flat” or “stubby” nose shape. In this approach the doctor simply injects the treatment area with a precise amount of Radiesse®, Restlyane®, or a similar dermal filler to recontour the nose. The procedure requires no general anesthesia or surgical downtime, and most patients can return to work immediately afterward.

“For minor correction in certain cases, this approach can be effective,” Dr. Rival notes. “However, it is important for Toronto nose surgery patients to understand that the non-surgical approach works for a few select situations only. Although this non-surgical procedure is becoming trendy, its effects are temporary and the results may be disappointing if not performed by an experienced professional.” Dr Rival also notes that previous injectable rhinoplasty can sometimes make future rhinoplasty surgery more difficult if some of the product remains.

As a surgeon who performs a high number of primary rhinoplasties as well as revision procedures to correct other surgeons’ work, Dr. Rival treats many patients who want to reduce the size of their nasal hump or restore symmetry and functionality to a nose that is structurally uneven. He says that for most of these Toronto patients, an injectable nose job is not sufficient to achieve the changes they want.

“A good rhinoplasty surgeon will take skin quality, structural concerns, and overall facial aesthetics into account when making a recommendation, and in most cases the injectable approach simply cannot address all of these factors. I have seen patients who have undergone injectable procedures before coming to me for a surgical rhinoplasty, and in these cases they are much more pleased with the lasting, more substantial correction that is possible through surgery.”

Although non-surgical nose job treatment time is quick, Dr. Rival warns that these procedures still should be administered only by someone with the qualifications to understand the aesthetics and physical structure of the nose. “In today’s economy many people like the idea of a cheaper procedure, but in most cases an injectable rhinoplasty will last only for a year or less. When you factor in the cost of repeat procedures and the limited cosmetic correction possible, most patients find that the surgical approach is a better investment in themselves for the long term.”

Dr. Rival performs a wide range of cosmetic and reconstructive procedures, focusing primarily on nose surgery in Toronto. Contact his office at (866) 229-3223 or request a consultation online to learn more.

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