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Outside Ontario: (905) 830-6711
Monday–Friday: 9 a.m.–5 p.m.

Author Archives: Dr. Richard Rival

A middled aged woman smiles expressively, with her tongue sticking slightly out.

Bleph + Brow Lift: A One-Two Combo to Knock Ageing Down

The eyes and surrounding regions are not just windows into the soul—they're mirrors reflecting your age. While they don't define you, they can add or subtract years from your face. Typically, people opt for either a brow lift or a blepharoplasty to enhance the area around their eyes. However, blephs and brow lifts, when combined, …

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A scene from The Barbie movie, where Margot Robbie looks backward in shock.

Let the Surgeon Shape Your Nose, Not Social Media

When the Barbie movie hit theaters in summer 2023, audiences walked out with a glowing sense of nostalgia and a new-found desire to fix their noses. No, literally—requests to get that perfectly delicate, narrow nose with its straight bridge and upward tip, went up in the air. Social media sites—TikTok in particular—reflected that trend with …

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A young, green-eyed woman with her hair in a bun poses with a soft stare.

Keeping It Real: What a Rhinoplasty Can and Can’t Fix

Imagine someone telling Pinocchio that he could have a nose like Mickey Mouse. That person might as well be Pinocchio themselves (and see their nose stretch) for telling fibs. Here’s the truth. You can change the way your nose looks to a dramatic extent, but you can’t entirely change the nose itself especially, when it …

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A woman with a youthfl and glowing look poses with a somewhat intense stare

Want People to Say You’re 10 Years Younger? Get a Rhinoplasty

Raise your hand if this title surprised you. Yep, we’re looking at this virtual audience and expected to see many hands up. Not everyone knows that your nose (excuse the pun) can be a giveaway of your age. Its structure and shape changes as time passes, a process that lasts from your earliest days into …

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An airplane on a runway seen from behind.

Can I Fly After a Rhinoplasty?

For many, the winter holidays are the perfect time to get a rhinoplasty. You have time off, there won’t be too many sunny days during your recovery process - and who doesn’t like to give themselves a Christmas present once in a while? However, winter holidays are also the time when many people decide to …

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A woman with short grey hair and glasses

Top 5 Signs You Could Need a Revision Rhinoplasty

Ideally, you’ll never need to get a revision rhinoplasty. However, not every rhinoplasty clinic takes this level of care. However, not every surgeon performs rhinoplasties with care and precision, resulting in less-than-stellar or even botched results. It goes without saying that these outcomes can take a major toll on your confidence and bank account. This …

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A woman getting lines drawn on her eyelids for a blepharoplasty

4 Essential Tips for Blepharoplasty Recovery

At Rival, we’re best known for our work on Rhinoplasties in Toronto. But while Dr. Rival is famous for his skill and knowledge in the field of rhinoplasty, we offer a wide range of cosmetic options to help give you the power to decide what your face and features should look like. Blepharoplasty, or eyelid …

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A man with dark hair and beard in front of the sun

Busting 4 Stereotypes about Male Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasties are one of the best known and most popular cosmetic procedures, often landing in the top five most common cosmetic procedures performed around the world. And yet, it’s not uncommon for people to think of it as a procedure that’s only performed for women. Male rhinoplasty in Toronto often gets left out in the …

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Snow melting to reveal grass

Rhinoplasty Recovery in Every Season

Getting a rhinoplasty in Toronto can give you a new nose that you’ll love the rest of your life - that is, once you’ve gotten through the rhinoplasty recovery timeline. Rhinoplasty aftercare is one of the most important parts of the entire process, so it pays to do it right. Generally, you want to follow …

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A picture of Nathan Philip's Square and City Hall in Toronto

What Are the Top Trends for Rhinoplasty in Toronto?

Rhinoplasty is one of those wonderful things that ends up being one part science, one part art. They utilize some of the most advanced cosmetic-medical procedures out there right now, but these procedures are used in the service of helping the customer achieve a desired aesthetic effect. With the march of medical science comes new …

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