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Bleph + Brow Lift: A One-Two Combo to Knock Ageing Down

A middled aged woman smiles expressively, with her tongue sticking slightly out.

The eyes and surrounding regions are not just windows into the soul—they’re mirrors reflecting your age. While they don’t define you, they can add or subtract years from your face. Typically, people opt for either a brow lift or a blepharoplasty to enhance the area around their eyes. However, blephs and brow lifts, when combined, serve as an effective anti-ageing duo. This post explores their synergistic benefits.

Blepharoplasty 101

You’re likely familiar with what a blepharoplasty, or ‘bleph’, entails. Its goal is to transform droopy eyelids from a tired and aged appearance to a more youthful and vibrant one. In some cases, a bleph can even improve vision impaired by hanging eyelids.

The procedure involves a surgeon removing excess skin and fat from the upper or lower eyelids. They make an incision along the eyelid’s natural crease to remove or reposition the excess skin, fat, and sometimes muscles. The incision is then closed, completing the procedure.

The transformation is significant, changing a ‘Sleepy’ appearance to a ‘Bashful’ look.

Brow Lift 101

A brow lift, as the name suggests, aims to elevate sagging eyebrow areas. It also helps reduce wrinkles and creases. Post-procedure, patients often appear years younger, seemingly unaffected by gravity.

Surgeons typically make an incision behind the hairline or directly in the forehead. They then adjust the soft tissues and skin to create a lifted appearance on the forehead. The approach varies based on the desired level of correction and the patient’s anatomy.

Why They’re Combined

Choosing between a blepharoplasty and brow lift isn’t a binary choice. You can opt for both. When combined, they offer a comprehensive makeover that neither procedure can achieve independently.

Bleph + Lift Creates a More Natural, Balanced Look

A balanced, proportionate, and symmetrical face is aesthetically pleasing. Lifting only the eyelids while leaving a droopy forehead, or vice versa, can result in an unnatural look. For instance, lifting just one area might give you a perpetual ‘surprised’ appearance, which is usually undesirable.

However, lifting both areas simultaneously creates harmony and a naturally youthful appearance.

A Bleph and Lift Reduces Total Recovery Time

Undergoing a simultaneous bleph and brow lift extends the recovery time slightly compared to a single procedure. However, combining them means you recover from both simultaneously, avoiding two separate recovery periods.

It’s akin to a 2-for-1 deal: the combined cost is less than the sum of two separate procedures.

Bleph + Lift Combo Delivers Faster Results

By undergoing both procedures at once, you see improvements in both areas immediately. Separately, you would experience the anti-ageing benefits of one and then wait for the other. Combining them rejuvenates both areas at once.

Bleph + Lift: A Cost-Effective Choice

Reflecting on the 2-for-1 analogy, combining these procedures is cost-effective. It saves money on anesthesia, surgical fees, and other related costs, as you don’t need two separate procedures.

Two at a Time Makes Facial Rejuvenation Sublime

Combining these two procedures addresses two common facial areas that age prematurely. It’s ideal for those seeking a significant yet practical change.

However, it’s crucial to undergo facial analysis and medical examinations to determine your suitability for this dual procedure. This ensures patient safety and eases the surgeon’s task. Most importantly, a thorough analysis helps both the patient and surgeon achieve results they can be proud of.

Looking for total facial rejuvenation? Get in touch with us to get your bleph and brow lift consultation ASAP!


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