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Category Archives: Facial Plastic Surgery

A picture of Nathan Philip's Square and City Hall in Toronto

What Are the Top Trends for Rhinoplasty in Toronto?

Rhinoplasty is one of those wonderful things that ends up being one part science, one part art. They utilize some of the most advanced cosmetic-medical procedures out there right now, but these procedures are used in the service of helping the customer achieve a desired aesthetic effect. With the march of medical science comes new …

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ponytail facelift newmarket

The Ponytail Facelift? The Latest Facial Cosmetic Trend

Many celebrities have long noticed that pulling the hair back into a ponytail will somewhat mask the signs of ageing. But recently, the ponytail has also lent its name to the Ponytail facelift, which is quickly becoming a hot facial cosmetic trend.  If you’re interested in learning how the ponytail inspired a method to counteract …

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facelift toronto canada

Which Facelift is Right for Me?

There’s a lot more nuance to the idea of a facelift than one might realize.  Facelift surgery can range from a slight “refresh” to hitting the reset button on aging. Picking the best facelift depends on the patient as well as the desired result. We’ll provide a quick list here to guide you through the …

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Blepharoplasty canada

Considering Blepharoplasty? Here’s What You Should Know

For those not in the know, Blepharoplasty is cosmetic surgery targeting eyelids that are notably “droopy” or have an excess of skin, muscle, or fat.  A Blepharoplasty can give the eye region a more appealing aesthetic appearance or help reduce problems with your field of vision by removing excess skin. Our Toronto cosmetic clinic has …

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non-surgical nose lift toronto ontario

Non-Surgical Options for a More Youthful You

Cosmetic surgery without the surgery sounds too good to be true. In truth, there are a growing number of procedures that can give a more youthful appearance without the need for surgery. It can be challenging to know if any of these procedures will provide the desired effect, as, sometimes, surgery is the best way …

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facial plastic surgery torontp

How Zoom Meetings Are Reprioritizing Facial Plastic Surgery

The digital age has given us unprecedented power over our image, letting us present ourselves to others in the best light possible. We can generally curtail the number of unflattering depictions of us online through the careful deployment of only our best pictures or those with filters.  However, the current pandemic has made video conferencing …

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Brow lift and eyelid surgery more popular than ever

Beauty Trends 2020: “Must Have” Procedures for Eyes

Now, more than ever, people have their sights set on beautiful eyes, a sweeping browline and a more exotic eye shape. With brands getting influencers to endorse products for sharper brows and cosmetic procedures on the rise, more and more people are honing in on the “windows to the soul.” Cosmetic surgeries and procedures focused …

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buccal fat removal toronto and newmarket ontario

Buccal Fat Removal – Am I Too Young?

Do you long to get rid of “baby face” or persistent chubby cheeks that just won’t go away? Even with diet and exercise, our face may not always tone in the same way our bodies do. Our desire for more prominent cheekbones and a sleek jawline can’t always be achieved with just calorie counting and …

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a facelift can be done by a top facial plastic surgeon

What is a Mini Facelift, and is it Right for Me?

Looking for a firmer, youthful, natural-looking cheek and jawline? If your skin isn’t significantly wrinkled and you’re just looking for a way to appear “refreshed”, a full-blown facelift may not be necessary.  However, a mini facelift could be the right solution to address loose skin, wrinkles or aging in the lower face.  A common cosmetic …

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Thinking about blepharoplasty means ensuring your ready leading up to surgery

How Do You Prepare for a Blepharoplasty

Droopy eyelids and sagging skin around the eyes can make us look tired, depressed, and show our age. It can impair vision or just be a cosmetic issue. Either way, you’ve decided to do something about it.  To help, We offer this handy guide on how to prepare for a blepharoplasty. First Step: The Consultation …

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