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What Are the Top Trends for Rhinoplasty in Toronto?

A picture of Nathan Philip's Square and City Hall in Toronto

Rhinoplasty is one of those wonderful things that ends up being one part science, one part art. They utilize some of the most advanced cosmetic-medical procedures out there right now, but these procedures are used in the service of helping the customer achieve a desired aesthetic effect. With the march of medical science comes new opportunities. And with anything artistic, there are going to be trends.

Trends can be fun, as they prevent the landscape around an artform from going stale. But they can also be a little bit intimidating. After all, who wants to fall behind the trendy curve? Location matters too – what’s trendy in one country or region might not be the cutting edge elsewhere. So what are the top trends for rhinoplasty in Toronto? How can you keep in the loop? We’ll give you some insight into what the buzz is on rhinoplasty in Toronto here.

How much should I worry?

If you’re sweating about the possibility of having an unfashionable nose, there are a couple things to consider. First and foremost, there’s no “perfect nose”. Rather there are “perfect noses” for certain faces – rhinoplasty results that work best for each individual client. And if you’re worried about finding that perfect nose for you, remember that your rhinoplasty surgeon will help guide you through the process of designing and implementing your new nasal shape.

So what’s going on with rhinoplasties in Toronto?

The major factor that tends to affect trends is generational shift. New generations will have different tastes and priorities, which will cause industries like the cosmetic surgery sector to shift around them. So what’s driving the current generation of potential rhinoplasty customers?

On one hand, a culture that involves a lot of Zoom calls and focus on social media pictures has meant there is a greater awareness of our own faces, and more concern regarding obvious asymmetries. This could be serving to highlight the importance of rhinoplasties in creating a natural-looking silhouette.

There are some concerns over rhinoplasties, however. One, naturally, is the cost. Another is a worry that rhinoplasties are becoming too “cookie-cutter”. There’s a desire for rhinoplasties that better reflect the individual nose, rather than simply selecting the “best-looking nose” out of a catalogue.

Test Runs

Both of these factors means that there’s a growing interest in “temporary” rhinoplasties – what you might have heard of as the “liquid rhinoplasty”. What this term is actually referring to, however, are dermal fillers. These are temporary injections that can add volume to a part of the face for a limited time, before naturally dissolving into the body.

This desire to “test run” or “dip your toes” into rhinoplasties has also led to an increase in interest in digital computer imaging, and other ways to visualize a rhinoplasty without committing. Not only is this a way to comfortably test drive a rhinoplasty, it can be a good low-budget option for those concerned about costs.

Rhinoplasty regret

For those who have already gotten a rhinoplasty, many look at new techniques, and are filled with a sense of regret that they didn’t get the same level of quality on their nose. There’s a growing interest in revision rhinoplasty as a trend, where a surgeon can reverse the results of a previous rhinoplasty.

Beyond the rhinoplasty

One of the biggest trends in rhinoplasties… is going beyond the rhinoplasty. Essentially, there’s more thought being given to the total appearance of the face, rather than just focusing on the nose. Plenty of cosmetic procedures that were somewhat obscure are having their time to shine. These include things like blepharoplasties or the “mini facelift” where small changes are used to get big results.

Book a leading edge rhinoplasty in Toronto today

Whether you’re looking for a blepharoplasty in Toronto, or a rhinoplasty in Newmarket, you’ll want to get the best and most up-to-date procedure possible. At Rival, we’re dedicated to giving you the smoothest experience We use modern technology, such as our digital imaging to help you visualize what your procedure will look like. Ultimately, that gives you a sense of ownership and empowerment over your aesthetic choices, so the results don’t feel up to chance.

Contact us today and we can help guide you through all your cosmetic questions and concerns.

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