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Monday–Friday: 9 a.m.–5 p.m.

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Outside Ontario: (905) 830-6711
Monday–Friday: 9 a.m.–5 p.m.

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Woman smiles in the sunshine

Rhinoplasty: Improving Confidence and Quality of Life

Rhinoplasty, also called a nose job, is a cosmetic procedure that involves reshaping and restructuring the nose. The procedure is done for medical or cosmetic reasons, and it's becoming incredibly popular. In the United States, over 220,000 rhinoplasty procedures are performed every year. Beyond the physical changes, rhinoplasty benefits include far-reaching psychological effects like improving …

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Woman holds hands up to each side of her face.

How to Get a Symmetrical Face Through Face Lift Surgery

If you're wondering how to get a symmetrical face, you know that achieving symmetry will enhance your overall look and appeal. Though our faces are naturally asymmetrical, with subtle differences in the position and size of our features, some of us suffer from more irregularity than others.  When performing a facelift, your surgeon will work …

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The lower face of a man with long hair, who is wearing a denim jacket

What to Expect During Chin Implant Recovery

A chin implant is a great way to significantly alter your facial silhouette into something that better suits your desired appearance. However, like many cosmetic procedures, it has a recovery period. This blog explains what to expect during this time, and how to make the process proceed as smoothly as possible.  What is a chin …

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Asian woman in a pink shirt with dark hair pulled over her ear

Main Reasons People Get Otoplasty in Toronto

Most readers could probably describe the purpose and method of a rhinoplasty. But otoplasties are far less recognized. This is unfortunate, since many people could receivelife-changing benefits from otoplasty. This blog explains some of the top reasons why people get cosmetic ear surgery, and perhaps make you realize you could benefit from one yourself.  What …

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A black and white picture of a woman’s face

Can You Bring Symmetry to an Asymmetrical Face?

Some people have always known the exact cosmetic procedure they’d get if they had the chance. Perhaps they have protruding ears. Or perhaps they’ve seen a nose job before–and-after picture that inspired their own rhinoplasty ideas.  For others, however, the exact issue they have with their silhouette is a little harder to pin down. There’s …

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Black and white image of a person with makeup on their eyes, concealing the lower half of their face.

Is a Masculine Nose Bothering You?

For a lot of people, having a robust masculine nose or other such facial features is a benefit. Of course, not everyone wants to project a masculine image. For those who want to present a more feminine identity, a more stereotypical “male nose” can be a source of anxiety and concern. But what exactly makes …

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Woman looking down at a laptop screen with video footage of her colleagues

Mini Face Lifts and Other Work-From-Home Trends

With work from home, you might expect that concerns over appearance would have diminished. However, many of us are replacing in-work offices and in-person gatherings with plenty of video calls and on-screen meetings. People who transitioned to work-from-home jobs are now, more than ever, seeing their own faces reflected back to them up close and …

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Woman with long blonde hair obscuring her face, holding a pink flower

Are Face Lift Bands a Replacement for Face Lift Surgery?

If you’ve been looking up questions like “how much is a face lift in Canada,” or other cosmetic questions about face lift surgery, you likely have come across references to “face lift bands.” The idea of combating sagging skin without a traditional face lift is certainly an interesting one. But can these nonsurgical procedures really …

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A woman’s eyes and nose

What Is A Nose Thread Lift?

Nose thread lifts are a non-surgical procedure intended to lift, and define the appearance of the nose, not unlike a rhinoplasty. Described as a quick, simple procedure, a nose thread lift involves the insertion of threads made of medically safe materials to boost the bridge and lift the tip of the nose.  Unlike an actual …

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Reduce neck bruising after facelift surgery

Tips For Reducing Bruising after Cosmetic Surgery

Facial cosmetic surgeries can truly change the way you look at yourself and how others look at you especially when it’s been an ongoing insecurity you’ve dealt with. Of course, most cosmetic surgeries will require you to be willing to put in time for a proper recovery. One of the universal features of the recovery …

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