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Can You Bring Symmetry to an Asymmetrical Face?

A black and white picture of a woman’s face

Some people have always known the exact cosmetic procedure they’d get if they had the chance. Perhaps they have protruding ears. Or perhaps they’ve seen a nose job before–and-after picture that inspired their own rhinoplasty ideas. 

For others, however, the exact issue they have with their silhouette is a little harder to pin down. There’s not a single facial feature they feel needs changed, but after a certain number of video calls, something seems a little bit off.

If this describes your own experience, an asymmetrical face could be the cause of this continuing nagging discomfort. But what counts as an asymmetrical face? Can cosmetic procedures actually resolve this issue? In this blog, we’ll discuss whether you can bring symmetry to an asymmetrical face through rhinoplasty and otoplasty procedures. 

What is an asymmetrical face? 

The condition of “asymmetry” refers simply to the quality of having one side of the face not match up precisely with the other. Facial features could be slightly different in size or in shape. Most people have some degree of asymmetry in their faces and this is perfectly normal. In fact, low levels of asymmetry in a face are often tied to increased attractiveness. A face that was perfectly symmetrical might look unnatural to most human eyes. 

So when is asymmetry an issue?

So when does asymmetry go from being a natural part of life to something we should worry about? In the end, it’s your face, and it’s up to you what you feel comfortable with. If your asymmetry is bothering you, then it’s worth it to see if there could be cosmetic solutions. 

If you really can’t tell, you can put down marks on a mirror or photograph of yourself to see if there’s a measurable discrepancy. Certain kinds of asymmetry are more notable than others. More prominent facial features like noses and ears are going to

What causes asymmetry?

It’s important to note that while asymmetry can be something you’re born with, this isn’t always the case. In some cases, asymmetry is simply a factor of aging. Continual cartilage growth, plus a gradual weakening of facial muscles can result in an uneven face. Injury to the face can also cause this—think about getting a broken nose or stretched ear lobes due to heavy earrings.

Asymmetry can even be due to more internal factors. Certain diseases, such as strokes or Bell’s Palsy, can lead to visible drooping in certain parts of the face. Lifestyle choices, such as smoking or being exposed to sun damage, can also cause degradation that then leads to asymmetrical faces. 

Can asymmetrical faces be made symmetrical?

As you can tell, there are quite a few ways a face can end up asymmetrical. Don’t let this worry you, however, because there are just as many potential solutions out there. No matter the issue you might have, there is a cosmetic answer.

Take the prominent facial features that can cause an asymmetrical face, like a broken nose, or uneven ears. If you’ve seen any nose job before and after pictures, you know a rhinoplasty procedure can easily help straighten out any nasal asymmetrical. Similarly, otoplasties can help restructure the shape of the outer ears to match.

Even more subtle asymmetrical features can be addressed. For example, if one side of your face seems to have less volume than the other, you can use dermal fillers to reduce a “sagging” appearance. Even the most severe cases of asymmetrical faces can be tackled through facial implants

No matter if you’re looking for a rhinoplasty or otoplasty in Toronto, Rival has everything you need to help give you the facial symmetry you want. If you have any cosmetic questions, feel free to contact us today. 

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