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A scene from The Barbie movie, where Margot Robbie looks backward in shock.

Let the Surgeon Shape Your Nose, Not Social Media

When the Barbie movie hit theaters in summer 2023, audiences walked out with a glowing sense of nostalgia and a new-found desire to fix their noses. No, literally—requests to get that perfectly delicate, narrow nose with its straight bridge and upward tip, went up in the air. Social media sites—TikTok in particular—reflected that trend with …

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A young, green-eyed woman with her hair in a bun poses with a soft stare.

Keeping It Real: What a Rhinoplasty Can and Can’t Fix

Imagine someone telling Pinocchio that he could have a nose like Mickey Mouse. That person might as well be Pinocchio themselves (and see their nose stretch) for telling fibs. Here’s the truth. You can change the way your nose looks to a dramatic extent, but you can’t entirely change the nose itself especially, when it …

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A woman with a youthfl and glowing look poses with a somewhat intense stare

Want People to Say You’re 10 Years Younger? Get a Rhinoplasty

Raise your hand if this title surprised you. Yep, we’re looking at this virtual audience and expected to see many hands up. Not everyone knows that your nose (excuse the pun) can be a giveaway of your age. Its structure and shape changes as time passes, a process that lasts from your earliest days into …

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Recovering From Eye Plastic Surgery

Blepharoplasties and other eye plastic surgeries are an underrated form of cosmetic procedure. When we think about what a board-certified plastic surgeon can do for us, we think mainly about obvious problems. Perhaps we have a bump on our nose, or our ears stick out.  Eye plastic surgery can do more than remove an imperfection. …

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Blepharoplasty canada

Considering Blepharoplasty? Here’s What You Should Know

For those not in the know, Blepharoplasty is cosmetic surgery targeting eyelids that are notably “droopy” or have an excess of skin, muscle, or fat.  A Blepharoplasty can give the eye region a more appealing aesthetic appearance or help reduce problems with your field of vision by removing excess skin. Our Toronto cosmetic clinic has …

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chin augmentation toronto

Putting Your Best Cheek Forward: Cheek and Chin Implants

A full volumized face is one characteristic of youth and vitality. Cheek implants are a great way to achieve this look, especially if you notice volume loss in certain areas of your face. High or strong cheekbones and chins aren’t just indicators of youth. They’re also a popular look among some of the most revered …

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Brow lift and eyelid surgery more popular than ever

Beauty Trends 2020: “Must Have” Procedures for Eyes

Now, more than ever, people have their sights set on beautiful eyes, a sweeping browline and a more exotic eye shape. With brands getting influencers to endorse products for sharper brows and cosmetic procedures on the rise, more and more people are honing in on the “windows to the soul.” Cosmetic surgeries and procedures focused …

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buccal fat removal toronto and newmarket ontario

Buccal Fat Removal – Am I Too Young?

Do you long to get rid of “baby face” or persistent chubby cheeks that just won’t go away? Even with diet and exercise, our face may not always tone in the same way our bodies do. Our desire for more prominent cheekbones and a sleek jawline can’t always be achieved with just calorie counting and …

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cauliflower ear is associated with boxing or marital sports and is permanent without facial plastic surgery

Can Cauliflower Ear Be Fixed?

Usually associated with sports like wrestling, boxing, and MMA, cauliflower ear is the result of repeated ear damage.  Leaving cauliflower ear untreated can lead to complications. What can you do to fix these complications? What is Cauliflower Ear? Cauliflower ear is a deformity on the outer ear resulting from blunt trauma. The ear cartilage separates, …

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FaceTime or Zoom with friends and family means we need ways to show our best side.

How To Make Your Skin Look Better on Facetime

We’re spending a lot more time on video calls.  Whether we’re on Zoom, Facetime, Messenger, or Hangouts, technology means our friends and coworkers still see us through their phones or desktop. But when our skin isn’t looking its best (even on an older webcam) we’re all seeking out ways to disguise it.  Here are a …

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