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Putting Your Best Cheek Forward: Cheek and Chin Implants

chin augmentation toronto

A full volumized face is one characteristic of youth and vitality. Cheek implants are a great way to achieve this look, especially if you notice volume loss in certain areas of your face.

High or strong cheekbones and chins aren’t just indicators of youth. They’re also a popular look among some of the most revered celebrities. As a result, chin and cheek implants have become a highly desired procedure for many of our patients.

If you want high cheekbones like Naomi Campbell or Keira Knightley, or a George Clooney chin, facial implant surgery, or cheek and chin implants exist as a unique procedure in plastic surgery. 

Cheek Augmentation or Implants 

Facial implants are unique in plastic surgery in that they are permanent yet can be removed or adjusted as desired. Cheek implants are inserted, usually through an incision in the mouth or sometimes through the hairline.

Although cheek implants are permanent, a top facial plastic surgeon can still modify the implant. Should you decide you no longer want the implant or adjust the shape or size, a surgeon can do this in revision surgery. Of course, any of these above options must wait until you have fully recovered from the initial operation.

Cheek implants are also an excellent solution for “filler fatigue.” While injectable filler can be a great temporary solution to achieve higher cheeks or fuller skin, too much filler can result in repeat visits to your local medical spa or even an unnatural “pillow face.” If you want to invest in something more permanent, consider implants. They offer added volume with more excellent permanency than dermal fillers.

Chin Augmentation Surgery or Implants

A weak jawline may diminish confidence or self-esteem. Both men and women can benefit from a chin augmentation. For men, chin implants are custom-fit, allowing for a more masculine appearance. For women or men, chin implants can create a dominant chin-line or better facial symmetry. The effects can increase masculinity or femininity depending on your goals and the implant provided.

Chin plants are inserted underneath the chin or through an incision in the mouth. It’s not uncommon for a facial plastic surgeon to pair both chin implants with cheek implants. Combining the two procedures can create remarkable results. Together that can rectify tissue laxity and loss of bone density, or create a more symmetrical bone structure, creating an overall more desirable face shape.

Chin & Cheek Implant Recovery

Recovering from chin and cheek implants is relatively quick, especially if you get them together. Getting these plastic surgery procedures by themselves means having to wait until you fully heal from one to do the next. By combining them, you can recover all at once, and it’s as short as it would be just to get one implant.

The majority of the swelling and bruising post-surgery occurs within the first 48 hours. You can start to get back to your routine, so long as it isn’t physically strenuous, almost right away. Many patients do prefer to take time off until the swelling recedes. If you would like to do so, consider trying to book your procedure on a Friday, giving you the whole weekend to recover.

Chin Implant Surgery and Cheek Implants with Rhinoplasty

Facial symmetry is at the core of cosmetic and facial plastic surgery, especially with rhinoplasty. 

Often, clients desire a specific nose shape that simply does not suit their face. If a particular nose shape is an absolute “must-have,” chin and cheek implants can adjust your facial symmetry to make the nose appear like a more natural fit.

While cheek and chin implants can increase your rhinoplasty options, they can also act as an alternative. Many patients pursue rhinoplasty to improve the balance or symmetry of the face. If a patient seeks this balance but is concerned about rhinoplasty results, the permanence of a nose job, or the long recovery time, they could achieve this desired symmetry through implants. 

In some instances, getting a chin and cheek implant can offset your current nose shape. Or create a more masculine jawline that better flatters a broader or bigger nose. The best plastic surgeons are better at anticipating this potential before you commit to surgery. They may recommend that you schedule rhinoplasty as well to ensure symmetry with your new implants. 

If you have already gotten implants and find that your nose or proportions aren’t quite right, it’s not too late. A Rhinoplasty surgeon can still make adjustments after your initial healing period.

Future Considerations

When getting a facial implant, it’s essential to consider how you will age and the overall long-term. Facial structure changes over time as we lose bone, fat, and tissue volume. Over a long enough time, your chin and cheek implants may not fit the same way they initially did.

The best plastic surgeons can work with you to help anticipate these changes. However, you may still need to get modifications done to the implants depending on how your face changes with age. The right facial surgeon will detail this risk and anticipate the “shelf life” of the implants before the surgery so that you can commit with certainty.

Cheek Implants and Chin Augmentation in Toronto and Newmarket

Are you considering cheek or chin implants in Toronto? Dr. Richard Rival is a trusted Otolaryngologist Head and Neck Surgeon. Dr. Rival has a strong understanding of the face’s scientific and aesthetic build, giving his patients beautiful facial features and natural results.

Book your consultation for chin and cheek implants today.

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