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Should We Leave These Cosmetic Procedure Trends in 2020?

cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery 2020 trends

Like fashion, cosmetic and plastic surgery lends itself to aesthetic trends that can last for months, years or even decades. There is always something new, but everything has the staying power to become a lasting staple of cosmetic surgeries and treatments. 

Whether or not a surgery trend is going to last is essential to consider when changing something as permanent as your face! 

As the year wraps up, we explore some of this year’s hottest cosmetic trends and which ones are best to leave in 2020.

Nose too Small

A button-nose is all but synonymous with cuteness. So it’s no surprise a small or tiny nose is a common request for rhinoplasty patients. But for many patients, when a nose gets too small, the problems can get much bigger.

The first issue is that a small nose just doesn’t look right on many people. Symmetry and other facial features play a significant role in how a nose job will suit your face. As tempting as it is to look at celebrities and influencers, what works for them just might not work for your unique features. 

Even if the nose looks perfect right out-of-the-gate, changes can occur over time. You want to leave some room for changes that occur as you age. If the nose becomes too narrow, it affects the appearance and restricts breathing as well.

Any adjustments made to a too-small nose is much more difficult. There is less tissue to work with, making revision rhinoplasty much harder. It is easier to remove tissue than to add volume. During revisions, the surgeon will be more limited in what they can do, and each additional modification becomes even more difficult and limiting.

Trendy Eye Lifts

For the right patient, eyelid surgery or a brow lift surgery can be just what it takes to turn heads and liven up appearances. They provide a great way to reduce eyelid sagging or provide an ideal eye shape that matches or is more well-suited to your beautiful face.

The problem comes in when we look too hard at others for inspiration. Looking at celebrities like Bella Hadid or the Kardashians, for instance, you can notice their makeup and eyes create a particular eye aesthetically that is becoming a popular plastic surgery trend.

Their eye shape and makeup encourage many patients to seek eye lifts that tilt the eye upwards; this creates a “foxy” or exotic eye and brow shape. While this styling is excellent for Bella and Kim, they have unique facial features allowing for a look that few can pull off.

For most of us, however, this shape will not match our facial features. Even having a similar background does not guarantee that one can expect similar results. For example, an eye shape that is well-suited on Bella Hadid is typically found more naturally on different ethnicities or people with complementary facial features similarly to Björk. So even Bella is an exception to the rule. Following the exception’s trend can be problematic as it might not match entirely to your face structure. 

To get the best results from your brow or eye lift, work with a trusted facial plastic surgeon. They work with you and your unique features to determine which eye shapes are best suited to you. Some people may find this foxy eyelift appropriate for them, but most of us will discover that a different approach is better for achieving lasting beauty.

Also, a brow lift can be a functional procedure for many patients. If you have excess eyelid skin or sagging brows, a brow lift can help reduce wrinkles and regain youth. Looking to minimize aging may be a much better approach to a brow lift procedure than trying to capture your favourite celebrity’s look.

Too Much Filler

If you look in the mirror and notice tissue laxity or a loss of volume, dermal fillers can be an excellent solution for minimally invasive results. Fillers reduce fine lines, smooth out wrinkles, and help rejuvenate that youthful appearance. As great as dermal fillers are, you should approach them with a plan.

Although fillers fade with time, they don’t go away. So over a long enough time, repeating filler can gradually give an oversized head appearance. Every time you refill, you need to add a little more to fill in the lines. But, with a smart approach, you can avoid this.

Filler can be an excellent option for anyone. But take note if you notice a need for more and more visits to your trusted surgeon. If this occurs, consider investing in a SMAS facelift.

SMAS Facelift

A facial surgeon performs a SMAS facelift to address the lower part of the face and correct the loose skin, excess fat, jowls, frown lines or lost cheek volume that can happen with age. With a SMAS facelift, you also invest in a more permanent solution to ageing. 

It is also a more full-picture approach, adjusting to consider your face as a whole, rather than just looking at problem areas, reducing the risk of looking unnatural with just filler alone.

If you’re looking at multiple dermal filler visits, a SMAS facelift even saves you money. Sure fillers are more affordable for a single treatment, but over time they can add up. A facelift is a permanent solution that a doctor only needs to do once. As well, they can be even more effective as a preventative surgical procedure for aging.

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