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How Does A Chin Implant Change Your Appearance?

Chin Augmentation

From addressing ‘weak chins’ to complementing rhinoplasty surgery, chin implants are a common facial implant. Chin augmentation is popular among both men and women and can be used to resolve a number of issues.

The surgery itself only takes an hour, and recovery time is only about one to two weeks – that’s pretty good for permanent results!

How Chin Augmentation Changes Your Appearance

Chin augmentation has a number of different uses to improve upon the aesthetics of your face. It can complement other facial surgeries and procedures or stand on its own. Some of the most common uses of chin implant surgery include:

Balancing the Forehead and Nose

The chin is essential in balancing facial symmetry. How the shape, size and, placement corresponds to the nose and forehead has a big impact on the overall aesthetic appeal of the face. This helps to create ideal proportions.

This balancing act is part of why chin implants are so popular in conjunction with rhinoplasty. A major reshaping of the nose is often complemented best with a chin augmentation.

Changing the Appearance of the Neck

For patients where the tip of the chin is close to the beginning of the neck, altering the chin can have a dramatic effect. Extending the chin can make the neck appear more lean, angular, and youthful.

Square Chin

A ‘weak chin’ is generally less desirable. A chin augmentation can create a square chin, which is more appealing for both men and women. This stronger chin makes the patient appear more fit, healthy, and energetic.

Is It Obvious?

The effects of chin implant surgery depend on your goals. This facial implant can offer a subtle or dramatic change. Of course, the goal of any good plastic surgeon is to make cosmetic surgery look natural.

That being said, close friends will notice if you have a sudden dramatic change in appearance. But it shouldn’t be obvious to strangers that you’ve had work done.

Comparing Chin Augmentation Options

When it comes to augmenting the appearance of the chin there are two main approaches a plastic surgeon might use. The plastic surgeon will usually recommend either a chin implant or a sliding genioplasty.

Chin Implant

Where it is a viable option, a chin implant is generally preferred. It is a simpler surgery with less risk of complication. Its most common uses are for patients receding or under-projected chin.

Before the treatment, the plastic surgeon determines the size of the chin and selects or moulds the implant. They then make an incision under the chin or inside the mouth. They slide the implant in through the incision and attach it to the chin bone.

The implant is made of silicone that your body will not break down over time. So the results are permanent.

Sliding Genioplasty

A sliding genioplasty can resolve additional issues like over-projected and elongated chins. It makes it possible to make three-dimensional changes, which is ideal for patients with complex abnormalities.

There are more potential risks with sliding genioplasty, including relapse, although they are rare. Using an experienced and trusted plastic surgeon reduces risk as they have the right skills, training, and equipment.

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Dr. Richard Rival is a trusted, experienced plastic surgeon operating in Toronto and the GTA. He has a strong understanding of the scientific and aesthetic build of the face that he leverages to give his patients ideal cosmetic results.

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