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What Is A Nose Thread Lift?

A woman’s eyes and nose

Nose thread lifts are a non-surgical procedure intended to lift, and define the appearance of the nose, not unlike a rhinoplasty. Described as a quick, simple procedure, a nose thread lift involves the insertion of threads made of medically safe materials to boost the bridge and lift the tip of the nose. 

Unlike an actual rhinoplasty procedure, the noninvasive process involves no downtime. Patients can return to their daily lives with only some swelling and bruising because nothing is structurally altered about your nose in a nose thread lift. Only the surface tissue is moved in a minor manner by the threads inserted into the tip and bridge.

A nose thread lift can be completed within an hour, a good option for those worried about getting back to work. The procedure also appeals to those unsure about the commitment and cost of a proper rhinoplasty. 

Nose thread lifts are sometimes called non-surgical rhinoplasties. They seem like a viable alternative to surgery.

Why nose thread lifts don’t work

The results of a nose thread lift can seem promising immediately after the procedure, but there are several reasons they can be deceptive. 

The results are temporary

The threads inserted during a nose thread lift won’t last forever. After about eight months in your nose, they’ll begin to break down and be absorbed into your body. 

While this process is perfectly safe (the threads are made up of medical-grade materials), the results of your nasal thread lift will be gone within a year unless you repeat the procedure, which can be extended to one to two years.

No matter how good your surgeon, your nose will return to its natural state within a few short years.

The results are minimal

A properly executed nasal thread lift will help prop up the nasal bridge and make the tip of your nose appear more upturned. It won’t hide a bump in the nose or change the overall appearance of the nose.

It will make a proper rhinoplasty more difficult

The threads may disappear, but the scar tissue they leave behind won’t. If you get a nose thread lift and later decide to more permanently change the shape of your nose, your former procedure could cause problems.

The scar tissue left behind by the threads will make the rhinoplasty more complicated and challenging and could even impact your healing process.

It depends on your skin

The circumstances required for a nose thread lift to succeed are narrow and leave many patients without the desired results. 

Older patients will find that the threads won’t restore fullness or volume to their face and will instead emphasize skin that’s already thin and loose on the face.

Younger patients with sun-damaged skin may also find they can’t receive the procedure. The threads inserted during the process are thick and may show if your skin is thin or damaged.

The procedure is challenging to execute and irreversible

While the results of a nose thread lift are without question temporary, a nose thread lift gone wrong will leave you stuck with the results until the threads begin to dissolve months down the line.

Even when executed correctly, you may find the placement of the threads or your result to be unflattering. In that case, there’s no way to remove the threads. 

Few surgeons specialize in procedures to fix thread-related problems, meaning that if you’re unhappy with your result, you have to wait months or a year for the threads to dissolve — and that’s with a successful procedure.

Possible complications for a successful procedure include bruising, mild pain, and swelling. Failed nose thread lifts have left patients with skin dimpling, inflammation, allergic reactions to the threads themselves, and even sutures poking through the skin.

Because of how complicated and sensitive the nose is, few surgeons will risk removing even infected threads. The trauma of removal can trigger scarring, ischemia, or even necrosis.

Your options for a new silhouette

While a nose thread lift may not be for you, other, more permanent, options can address the underlying concerns you may have with your appearance

The nose is a defining feature of your face, and its appearance drastically impacts the rest of your face. If you’re worried about how it looks, taking half measures won’t help you find the confidence in your face you deserve.

A surgical rhinoplasty may be more commitment than a nose thread lift, but life is long. A period of discomfort is worth the confidence and self-assurance a successful rhinoplasty can offer beyond eight months.

As a more committed and invasive procedure, a rhinoplasty should be performed by a board-certified surgeon. The nose is a complicated, delicate place on your face. If your surgeon is less experienced, the damage done by a botched procedure is difficult to repair, even by a certified professional. 

In the hands of an experienced surgeon, however, a rhinoplasty is perfectly safe. Dr. Richard Rival is a highly experienced and skilled board certified plastic surgeon who can fully explain all of your options for creating a beautiful nose. Request a consultation with Dr. Rival today. 

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