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Main Reasons People Get Otoplasty in Toronto

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Most readers could probably describe the purpose and method of a rhinoplasty. But otoplasties are far less recognized. This is unfortunate, since many people could receive
life-changing benefits from otoplasty. This blog explains some of the top reasons why people get cosmetic ear surgery, and perhaps make you realize you could benefit from one yourself. 

What is otoplasty?

Otoplasty is also referred to as cosmetic ear surgery. However, it’s misleading to think of it as a single kind of procedure. Rather, otoplasty refers to various options for altering the shape, position, and size of the ears. Just like rhinoplasties can radically change the appearance of the face by altering the nose, otoplasty can give you a whole new silhouette by adjusting the ears. 

What can otoplasties do?

If you have a concern about the shape, size, or placement of your ears, it’s likely that there is an otoplasty procedure for you. If you have torn lobes, earlobe repair can help restore them to their previous appearance. Protruding ears can be resolved with ear pinning. Deformities in the outer ears, or simply concerns over size, can all be resolved through this cosmetic procedure.

Why do people get otoplasties in Toronto? 

Otoplasty surgery might not have the instant name recognition of rhinoplasty, but there are still plenty of patients looking for otoplasties in Toronto who reach out to Dr. Richard Rival. There are many types of cosmetic ear surgery. Understanding the problems people come to us with (and the solutions we offer) can help you better recognize if you’re a good candidate for otoplasty yourself! 

Protruding ears

Protruding ears can be distracting and draw attention away from the rest of the face. Thankfully, ear-pinning surgery is a kind of otoplasty that can easily resolve this issue. Subtle cuts can be made at the back of the ear to allow for the adjustment of cartilage and position. Some people associate ear-pinning with children, but patients of any age can benefit from this procedure. Ear pinning is one of the most popular types of otoplasty in Toronto at the moment. 

Large ears

Even if your ears don’t notably protrude, they can still be distracting if overly large. An otoplasty surgery procedure can remove cartilage to reduce the size of the ear subtly. This helps present a smaller ear that still looks natural.

Small ears

Not many people know this, but otoplasty can help in the case of ears that appear to be too small. While new cartilage can’t usually be added, existing cartilage can be stretched or molded. Sometimes, just changing the contours of a pointed ear can make it appear larger and less “pinched.” 

Damaged ears

One of the most common injuries to the ears is ear lobe damage. These parts of the ear have no cartilage and are so much more prone to tearing or injury. This is particularly true for those who wear earrings or plugs. Otoplasty cosmetic surgery can help repair this damage and return the ear back to its previous appearance. 

Book your own otoplasty in Toronto today

If you have issues with your ears that you want addressed, Dr. Richard Rival is here to help. We specialize in various cosmetic procedures at both our Toronto and Newmarket locations. If you have any questions about ear surgeries, otoplasty recovery, or otoplasty costs in Toronto, don’t hesitate to contact us right away. We’re always happy to help. 

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