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Mini Face Lifts and Other Work-From-Home Trends

Woman looking down at a laptop screen with video footage of her colleagues

With work from home, you might expect that concerns over appearance would have diminished. However, many of us are replacing in-work offices and in-person gatherings with plenty of video calls and on-screen meetings. People who transitioned to work-from-home jobs are now, more than ever, seeing their own faces reflected back to them up close and personal and want to look their best. This has led to a variety of new trends in cosmetics surgeries to help our screen self be their best self. If you’re getting exhausted with how you look on Zoom calls, it could be a good idea to familiarize yourself with some of these trends. 

Issues with screen visage 

You may have heard of the most extreme example of image issues over video calls, known as Zoom dysmorphia. This is a condition where concerns over appearance on a video call can bloom into anxiety or depression. 

So what’s happening here? Partially, it’s an issue of distortion. The view that you get of your face in a webcam isn’t going to be the same view you get in a mirror. Sometimes, the difference is surprising and takes some getting used to.

However, it can also be a matter not of what you’re seeing, but the context as well. For many of us, we only briefly glance at our faces in the mirror at the start and end of the day. We also tend to only focus on the parts relevant to our routines — where we need to put makeup, where we need to shave, where we need to trim. 

But when we’re looking at our faces all day, we tend to notice the big picture. In particular, we are more aware of signs of aging, as well as anything that disrupts facial symmetry. This factor is often how we judge faces (including our own) even if just unconsciously. 

How to resolve facial symmetry concerns

There are plenty of little ways you can improve your overall appearance on a screen. One good tip is to use a webcam that’s separate and moveable, rather than one hardwired into a laptop. This way you can get more favorable angles. Higher angles tend to look better. 

There are also ways to deal with things like wrinkles without facial plastic surgery. Makeup or the ponytail face lift (pulling the hair to drag back the skin) are examples of popular methods of helping reduce visible signs of aging. 

Facial symmetry may be addressed with makeup, but this is somewhat more difficult. Some signs of aging may also look too distracting under the constant gaze of a camera. 

Cosmetic solutions

Thankfully, there are plenty of cosmetic solutions available to someone worried about their up-close appearance — and we’re not talking about a full-on face lift. There are plenty of quicker, less intrusive procedures you can get done to target sagging skin or asymmetrical parts of your face.

For example, the “mini face lift” uses small incisions behind the ears to tighten the appearance of the face, resulting in much less swelling and bruising and minimal downtime. You can also get eyebrow lifts or cheek fillers to target specific areas of the face that may have too many frown lines. These are all easy ways to help improve areas on your face that you may have issues with. Eyebrow lifts reduce wrinkles at the top of the face, while cheek fillers add volume to the sides. These can provide more permanent solutions than a simple ponytail face lift. 

Cosmetic solutions made easy

If you’re looking for the best cosmetic surgeons in Toronto, then look no further. Our board-certified plastic surgeons are always willing to help answer your questions about which procedures are best for you. All you need to do is contact us today! 

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