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Are Face Lift Bands a Replacement for Face Lift Surgery?

Woman with long blonde hair obscuring her face, holding a pink flower

If you’ve been looking up questions like “how much is a face lift in Canada,” or other cosmetic questions about face lift surgery, you likely have come across references to “face lift bands.” The idea of combating sagging skin without a traditional face lift is certainly an interesting one. But can these nonsurgical procedures really match the effectiveness of cosmetic surgeries? If you’ve been thinking about a face lift in Toronto, it’s worth it to find out if face lift bands work.

What’s a face lift band?

There are far too many products that fall under the category of “non-surgical face lifts” to cover here properly. However, they tend to all follow the same general principles. The idea is that they use some sort of band or tape to “stretch” the muscles in your face. This could purportedly be to make these muscles stronger or to try and stretch out the skin into a smoother appearance. 

Some of these solutions, such as tape, are designed only for a shorter term solution. However, many such products claim they can’t only counteract the appearance of sagging skin but that they actually have the ability to reverse the process entirely. 

Do these products work? 

If you stretch your skin and use tape to hold it in place, then, yes, your face is going to have a different appearance -— but for only as long as you wear the tape, however. If this sort of temporary lift goes well with your regular self-care routine, then go ahead.

However, any temporary lift that claims to actually strengthen facial muscles and give permanent results is probably exaggerating, to say the least. The fact is, most of your facial muscles (except the ones you use to chew) are fairly weak. They aren’t designed to be “exercised” into strength.

And even if they could be strengthened in this manner, just stretching the skin over them isn’t doing anything to affect muscles and ligaments. Face bands and face muscle exercises simply aren’t going to have any meaningful long-term effects on the appearance of your skin. 

How to deal with sagging skin

Learning that face lift bands don’t work can be disappointing. The idea of a nearly free option for cosmetic adjustments sounds too good to be true,  which means that it is. However, this shouldn’t make you feel entirely without options. Indeed, for someone looking to combat the signs of aging, there are plenty of options out there that a board-certified plastic surgeon can offer. 

Firstly, there are radio-frequency treatments that use heat to stimulate collagen production under the skin. By bolstering the amount of collagen below the skin, you can give the skin a firmer and more youthful appearance.

If you want to fill out just a few areas on your face, you can always look into dermal fillers. These will allow you to beat wrinkles wherever you like, or just give a little bit of extra “plump” to places like your lips. There are even implants to provide a permanent filling to certain areas of your face. 

Face lift surgery

And, of course, there are the face lifts. These refer to a wide variety of procedures in which your cosmetic surgeon adjusts the ligaments under your face. This helps provide you with more youthful-looking skin,  permanently. You might be surprised at all of the options for face lift surgery out there. For example, if it’s only the top of  your face that’s bothering you, then you may only need a brow lift

If you’re interested in face lifts in Toronto, or just have questions about the process, we’re here to help. Whether you want to know how much is a face lift in Canada, or about the types of facelift available to you, just contact us and we’ll get you started! 

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