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How Zoom Meetings Are Reprioritizing Facial Plastic Surgery

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The digital age has given us unprecedented power over our image, letting us present ourselves to others in the best light possible. We can generally curtail the number of unflattering depictions of us online through the careful deployment of only our best pictures or those with filters. 

However, the current pandemic has made video conferencing a part of many people’s routines. It presents us “without filter,” as well as an opportunity to view ourselves daily, and sometimes at an unflattering webcam quality.

This sudden focus on our most “unfiltered” selves can highlight problem areas in our appearance that we might usually ignore. Working from home, or using Zoom, may explain why there is increasing popularity or a boom in cosmetic surgery happening throughout lockdown.

From Eye Bag Removal to Brow Lifts: A Shift in Cosmetic Surgery Treatments 

This new movement in cosmetic surgery fueled by Zoom calls is a little different than previous business trends. For example, gone for now are the days when we spend our money on expensive suits, impressive shoes, or other ways to make an excellent in-person impression.

More and more people only see their colleagues or clients from the shoulders up during video calls, meaning the best face we put forward has now become quite literal. 

Today, there may be less emphasis on body concerns, dress or formal attire, and more focus on how we look on camera. As a result, this may be influencing the following popular facial plastic surgery trends.

Nose Job or Nose Surgery

Rhinoplasty is not a new plastic surgery procedure, but it may be more requested than ever due to the rise of video conferencing. Even with the best lighting, imperfections in our nose can be more noticeable due to low-quality webcam resolution. Or more enhanced due to excellent webcam quality.

Also, going under the knife is not the only option required. Compared to traditional rhinoplasty, liquid rhinoplasty allows many patients to correct their nose’s symmetry, enhance the bridge, and correct crookedness. While more innovations in surgical rhinoplasty continue today, a variety of options means more patients may seek out a plastic surgeon if they know they can return to virtual meetings later in the week.

Mini Facelift or Removing Excess Skin

Many people may try to hold their chin up high when on Zoom meetings to reduce the look of inevitable facial wrinkles. 

If you notice wrinkles, sagging skin or lost elasticity on the lower portion of the face, a facial plastic surgeon may recommend a mini facelift. By making a small s-shaped incision near the ear, the plastic surgeon can address wrinkles, sagging skin as well as smooth folds in the lower portion of the face. 

Much like the name suggests, this type of facelift is not as intensive as a traditional facelift. However, it allows the plastic surgeon to smooth particular facial areas impacted by aging, such as the jowls, cheeks, and corners of the mouth.

Cosmetic Eye Surgery: Eye Bag Removal or Brow Lifts

Video meetings can accentuate dark circles and even excess eyelid skin. As a result, more patients understand the benefit of blepharoplasty. Droopy eyelids and sagging skin around the eyes can make us look tired, depressed, or even show our age. Working with a top facial plastic surgeon to diminish eye bags and look younger when FaceTiming or on the screen can boost confidence more than ever before.

Cheek and Chin Implants

Webcam calls can reinforce how patients may see their jawline, cheeks or overall face symmetry. Chin and cheek implants can help enhance a weak jawline, which may diminish confidence or self-esteem. 

For men, chin implants are custom-fit, allowing for a more masculine appearance. For women or men, chin implants can create a dominant chin-line or better facial symmetry. Together, chin and cheek implants can solve tissue laxity, bone density, or create a more symmetrical bone structure, creating an overall more desirable face shape when chatting with your boss, clients and colleagues Monday-to-Friday.

Things to Keep In Mind When Visiting The Doctor

While it’s not inherently wrong that the pandemic gives more patients time to consider their plastic surgery choices, being on video calls for so long lends itself easily to comparing yourself to others. Just because the features on another person catch your eye does not mean that those features are necessarily right. 

You should always discuss your preferences and ideas with your cosmetic surgeon, who can better advise you on which features are the best fit for you, given the structure of your nose, skin and face. 

Cosmetic surgery computer imaging can even give you a preview of what these choices will end up looking like before surgery so that you can see your final results.

How to Maintain Your Facial Plastic Surgery

Once your surgeon has made your adjustments, it’s important to remember that the next steps are up to you. 

In general, you should do your best to protect your skin and take good care of it. You should also avoid any nicotine or vaping products, as using these can slow the healing process and even increase the risk of infection. In general, keeping up healthy body weight and diet will go a long way to cutting down these infection risks and letting the healing process finish faster. 

Facial Cosmetic Surgery in Toronto with Dr. Rival

Dr. Rival is a trusted Otolaryngologist Head and Neck Surgeon, trusted by hundreds of his patients to deliver beautiful and natural results. Whether you’re conscious of how you look on daily Zoom calls or want to boost your confidence, Dr. Rival is a trusted name in medicine so that you can be confident in your appearance. Contact us today to learn more. 

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