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Busting 4 Stereotypes about Male Rhinoplasty

A man with dark hair and beard in front of the sun

Rhinoplasties are one of the best known and most popular cosmetic procedures, often landing in the top five most common cosmetic procedures performed around the world. And yet, it’s not uncommon for people to think of it as a procedure that’s only performed for women.

Male rhinoplasty in Toronto often gets left out in the cold – and it gets very cold in Toronto! In the interest of spreading the word about rhinoplasties for men, we’re going to cover some of the procedure’s most common stereotypes, and seeing if they have any merit.

#1 Rhinoplasties are only for women

Let’s hit the big one right out of the gate. Perhaps, because of the popularity of rhinoplasty for women, there’s an assumption that rhinoplasties are only for women. But that’s just plain not true. In fact, roughly 20% of all rhinoplasties are for men! While it’s true that women might get the majority of rhinoplasties, one in five is nothing to sneeze at.

#2 Male rhinoplasties are all functional rhinoplasties

Many acknowledge that there are plenty of men who get rhinoplasties, but presume that these are all functional rhinoplasties. To get you up to speed on the term – a functional rhinoplasty refers to any rhinoplasty where the main purpose is medical, or to repair an injury, rather than aesthetic. If you are getting a rhinoplasty to fix a broken nose, or make it easier to breathe, it’s a functional rhinoplasty.

But assuming that men are getting only functional rhinoplasties is a skewed view for a few reasons. Firstly, there’s not always a clearcut line between “functional” and “aesthetic” rhinoplasties. Someone who is fixing a broken nose is, by the act of fixing their broken nose, also improving their appearance. Someone could plan a rhinoplasty that both changes the shape of their nose and helps improve their breathing.

Plus, who is to say that men don’t care about their appearances either? It’s a general stereotype that only women are interested in cosmetic operations. But there are plenty of men who do notice how their nose affects their overall facial appearance, and might feel that a change is warranted.

#3 Rhinoplasties for men are the same as rhinoplasties for women

For those who don’t know too much about the rhinoplasty procedure, it’s easy to assume that one rhinoplasty is just like another – you straighten a nose, remove some bumps, and call it a day. By this logic, there’s not much difference between rhinoplasty for men and women.

However, that’s just flat out untrue. There are distinctively masculine and feminine traits to noses. Generally, feminine noses have softer curves, a delicate tip and are smaller overall. Masculine noses, meanwhile, tend to be more prominent. You can, in fact, get a rhinoplasty that gives you a more masculine looking nose.


#4 Men all want the same rhinoplasties

For those who understand that there are more masculine rhinoplasties, another stereotype that often crops up is the idea that there is a single “correct” way for these rhinoplasties to look. Ideally, you just want to go for the most masculine nose possible, right?

Well, exactly how masculine or feminine a nose someone wants is a matter of taste. There’s also the fact that you want your nose to look natural, and fit in with the rest of your features. If you’ve heard the term “ethnic rhinoplasty” before, this is where it originates. People want to change their nose, but still want one that fits their face and personal ideals of beauty.

Do rhinoplasties sound complicated? They can be. But if you have any questions about male rhinoplasty in Toronto, then don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re always happy to answer any questions or concerns!

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