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Rhinoplasty Specialist in Toronto Responds to Young Women Getting Rhinoplasty

Dr. Richard Rival, a rhinoplasty specialist in Toronto, responds to recent speculation about young female celebrities who have allegedly had plastic surgery, and explains what he believes to be the appropriate age for surgery.

Newmarket, Ontario (October 2011) – Dr. Richard Rival is responding to the impact young female celebrities have on girls and pre-teens, often resulting in a premature decision to have popular cosmetic surgery procedures, like rhinoplasty in Toronto. Board certified by the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Dr. Rival is experienced in using his extensive training and skills to ensure that patients choose procedures to match their cosmetic needs and ages.

“Plastic surgery procedures should be considered at an appropriate time in a person’s life,” says Dr. Rival. “It’s not uncommon to hear speculation of young celebrities turning to plastic surgery to enhance their appearances and careers. However, girls and teens may be influenced by those celebrities and, consequently, want to have cosmetic procedures such as a face lift in Toronto or rhinoplasty. They do not realize how important it is to wait until their faces have fully matured before making the decision to have a surgical procedure.”

Dr. Rival notes that all women mature at different rates. For that reason, a young girl may not be a good candidate for nose surgery or another procedure, according to Dr. Rival. He considers a number of factors when considering a patient’s facial appearance, and how surgery might alter it.

“Although there is not a specific age at which a young person becomes a good candidate for rhinoplasty, I usually recommend waiting until at least age 15 or 16, until facial growth is complete,” notes Dr. Rival. “Due to variable factors, it’s important to wait until the face has fully matured to undergo cosmetic surgery, especially facial surgery. I recommend consulting a qualified facial plastic surgeon prior to undergoing cosmetic surgery.”

In addition to their age, Dr. Rival says he considers his patients’ motivation for having cosmetic surgery as a key factor in whether they are making the right decision. During the initial consultation, he asks patients to discuss their reasons for choosing that procedure.

“The decision to have any type of elective surgery should be personal, and not decided or influenced by anyone but the patient,” explains Dr. Rival. “It’s important that patients choose surgery to achieve their own goals, and not to fulfill an ideal image. Whether a patient is undergoing rhinoplasty or another procedure, such as a face lift, it is my hope that they are having plastic surgery at the right time in their lives, and for the right reasons.”

The best way to determine if you are a candidate for rhinoplasty in Toronto is to consult Dr. Rival. We encourage you to request a consultation online.

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