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5 Rhinoplasty Myths Debunked to Put You At Ease

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Any surgical procedure is intimidating, no matter what kind of operation you’re undergoing and that rings true for rhinoplasties as well. They’re much safer than many other types of surgery, but misconceptions about the procedure naturally make people nervous. That’s entirely normal.. With that in mind, we’ll debunk five of the most common rhinoplasty myths concerning the risks of the procedure, and the recovery timeline. 

1.The Anesthesia is Dangerous

Generally, rhinoplasty procedures are performed with an anesthetic. Exactly how long the procedure will take depends on the complexity, and which part of the nose that you want worked on. General anesthetics allows the surgeon to focus on even the most complex procedures and complete them without any risk of the patient waking up. 

As with any surgery, many patients are somewhat wary of anesthesia. However, modern anesthetics are extremely safe to use, especially with anesthesiologists present to monitor the patient. However, it’s always important to share any medical information with your rhinoplasty surgeon. This ensures less chance of having a negative reaction to the anesthetics used. 

2.Rhinoplasty Causes Breathing Issues 

Just getting a cold can impact our ability to smell and breath through our nostrils, so its common for patients to worry about the potential side effects of rhinoplasty. However, in most cases, there’s nothing to worry about when it comes to long term breathing issues. Most forms of rhinoplasty don’t go anywhere near the nostrils or septum, as they focus only on the tip or the bridge. Indeed, many forms of rhinoplasty can be completed today without even going inside the nose! 

In fact, in many cases, the entire purpose of a rhinoplasty is to help make breathing easier, rather than for cosmetic purposes. These are known as functional rhinoplasties, and are a very common reason that people look for the procedure. So you can cross off the idea that rhinoplasties are just for cosmetic reasons as a myth too! 

3. Rhinoplasties Look Clearly Fake

For some reason, many tabloids love playing a guessing game as to whether celebrities have gotten rhinoplasties or not, treating it as something of a “gotcha” moment. This has led to plenty of jokes about fake rhinoplasties. But the idea that a rhinoplasty will stand out as fake isn’t just a myth – it’s entirely backwards. A good rhinoplasty is about making a nose fit more naturally to the face, not make a nose seem unnatural. As long as you have a facial surgeon with plenty of experience, there’s no reason the rhinoplasty procedure shouldn’t leave you with a perfectly natural-looking, and proportionate nose. 

4. Rhinoplasties Leave Obvious Permanent Scars

This myth is somewhat related to the previous fear, that after going through the rhinoplasty recovery timeline, you’ll be left with an end result that is blatant and obvious. But this myth is even less credible than the last. It would take a seriously botched rhinoplasty to leave permanent scars. In fact, the signs of a rhinoplasty tend to dissipate remarkably fast. Rather than scars, you’re more likely to see bruising for a couple of weeks. After this, there will only be some swelling, and you can even return to work if desired. 

5. Rhinoplasties are Painful

With the myth’s we’ve busted before, you can probably put the truth of this one together on your own. Since the actual rhinoplasty procedure happens under anesthetic, there’s no pain to worry about during the rhinoplasty itself. Your cosmetic expert will also give you enough painkillers afterwards to get through the period of bruising, and should give you a comprehensive guide on how to stay comfortable during the recovery period.

If you have any other questions about the rhinoplasty procedure, don’t hesitate – feel free to contact us today! We’re always happy to help those looking for a rhinoplasty in Toronto get the best experience possible. 

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