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Facial Balance – Can a Chin Implant Make Your Rhinoplasty Even Better?

side Nose and chin profile of a women

A major goal of performing a rhinoplasty surgery in the first place is achieving facial symmetry and balance. However, sometimes, people still aren’t satisfied with the result of only changing their nose, and may consider revision rhinoplasty coupled with other surgeries or cosmetic procedures. Have you considered that the issues with facial balance might lie elsewhere other than your nose? As far as rhinoplasty in Toronto goes, there are an increasing number of patients who are looking beyond just the tip of their nose, seeking greater facial harmony overall. This blog explains how you can match rhinoplasty and chin implants to achieve the best facial symmetry possible. 

What is a Chin Implant?

Even those familiar with common cosmetic procedures such as rhinoplasty might not be aware of facial implants and procedures such as chin implants or chin dermal fillers, or what exactly they entail. You might also have heard of getting chin implants being referred to as genioplasty. Like related procedures (such as cheek implants) chin implants involve placing a silicon piece below the skin and around a patient’s existing chin bone.

The effect this can have is striking, giving more definition to a patient who had a particularly weak jawline. This can give an appearance that is more balanced and confident. Best of all, since it does involve an actual implant, it can, like rhinoplasty, provide a permanent cosmetic solution that Rival Cosmetic Surgery Clinic can achieve all in the same day. 

The Importance of Facial Symmetry

Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but science has been doing its best to crack the code at the same time. While there may be no hard formula to what makes a face arresting, it is certain that facial symmetry has some sort of important role. However, facial symmetry goes beyond simple “left-right” symmetry. Making sure that neither the top nor bottom part of the face stands out too much is also key. This is why some of the most common cosmetic surgeries are bulbous tip rhinoplasties and chin implants for weak chins. 

Apart from balance, ratios are also incredibly important in determining attractiveness at first glance. Obvious, no one is doing the math on facial rations in their head when they meet someone for the first time. But unconsciously, we are judging the size of facial features, and their proximity to each other. Good cosmetic surgery shouldn’t be about chasing down some non-existent ideal – if that was the case everyone would end up looking the same! Rather it should be about enhancing your own unique features so that they can look their best. 

Combining Cosmetic Procedures for the Best Result

So what does facial symmetry mean for those looking to adjust their appearance? The important thing to consider is what the overall effect of the changes you make might have on your appearance – and if they’ll be enough on their own to get the desired result.

Consider if you get a bulbous tip rhinoplasty and significantly cut down on the silhouette of your nose. That will definitely start to draw attention away from your nose. However, if you also have a weak chin, your nose may still “seem” to be an overly large focal point on your face, even if you ended up with an excellent profile for it. A chin implant can go a long way towards helping develop an overall balance. 

A chin implant could also be used to give a “sleeker” appearance to an overly protruding chin, drawing attention away from it, and shifting that attention back towards your adjusted nose. If you are considering revision rhinoplasty, all you may actually need is an adjustment to another part of the face.

If you’re uncertain about the best path forward for you, remember that the best plastic surgeons will have plenty of their before and after pictures for you to peruse. They’ll also have the technology needed to allow you to view what your rhinoplasty and chin implants will look like after they’re put in – this gives you the confidence to make the cosmetic choices that are right for you. 

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