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Are Chin Implants Here to Stay?

Could a chin implant change the way you think about your face?

Chin implants have been making a big splash in the cosmetics industry as of late. And, yet, chin implants don’t quite have the cultural ubiquity of, say, rhinoplasties. Are these kinds of implants going to stay? Will they remain popular and fashionable in the future? Will they have the lasting appeal of an expert rhinoplasty? 

What is a chin implant?

For the readers not caught up on all the latest options for facial plastic surgery, we’ll help get you up to speed. A chin implant is a little different than something like a rhinoplasty that involves adjustments of bone and cartilage. Instead, these chin modifications fall under the category of “facial implants.” 

These kinds of cosmetic procedures involve making an incision in the face and then inserting a custom implant. This will entirely change the contours of that portion of the face. In this case, the chin area. The whole process generally takes from one to three hours, under general anesthesia 

Why are chin implants popular?

If you keep your finger on the plus of what cosmetic surgeries are popular, you may remember how chin implants suddenly emerged as one of the fastest-spreading types of cosmetic procedure. To this day, chin enhancements are still going strong, a staple of many plastic surgeons.

But why do people get chin implants? Generally, it’s done to help alleviate a weak or receding chin. This, specifically, could be why chin implants have become so popular. Rhinoplasties are often stereotyped as being a procedure mainly for women, which is, of course, untrue.

However, both men and women share concerns over weak chins and so are interested in chin implant surgery. Many women want a more defined feminine jaw to elongate and lift their facial features, while men prefer a stronger jawline to widen their features. Chin augmentation procedures can help anyone who worries their jawline lacks refinement. It’s also a great way for older patients to combat the appearance of sagging skin. 

Another reason chin augmentations are so popular is because they’re quite easy to mix and match with other procedures. One of the most popular variants is for a recessed chin to be addressed at the same time as a rhinoplasty. In fact, Dr. Richard Rival will perform both at the same time for a reduced total cost! This is a great way to save on chin implant costs in Toronto. 

One more reason for their popularity is their permanence. Many people use injectable dermal fillers to try to shape their face and to “fill out” areas that might be lacking. However, these fillers don’t last forever, and someone might need to continually return to their injector and it can become costly to keep up with the appearance.  Chin augmentations, on the other hand, are essentially permanent and performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon. 

Are chin implants here to stay?

Ten years ago, some cosmetic surgeons and patients may have considered chin enhancement a fad. However, the process has yet to show signs of diminishing in popularity. Indeed, there are many modern day factors cementing this popularity. 

With the rise of work from home and the age of social media influencer jobs, more people are noticing that some of their facial features trouble them on screen. When you’re looking down at a laptop camera or up into your cell phone, a small chin becomes ever more apparent. Imbalances in the face, such as asymmetry, also become more apparent. 

Those who already have gotten chin fillers or chin implants done have had the chance to reflect on the procedure and the feedback is overwhelmingly positive. Indeed, chin implants have a satisfaction rate that rivals the popular rhinoplasty. It’s no wonder chin implants in Toronto are so popular and indeed here to stay. 

Achieve facial harmony with Dr. Richard Rival 

Have you ever wondered what you might look like with a new shape of nose or chin? Are you worried your face might be out of balance? With Dr. Richard Rival’s plastic surgery computer imaging, you can see exactly what your post-operative face will look. If you’re interested, or have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us today. 


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