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Best Holiday Procedures at Rival

Happy woman in winter

If you want to look your best for Christmas parties, Holiday dinners, and New Year’s Eve, it might be the right time to look into some great holiday procedures at Rival Cosmetic. But which procedures are best for the holiday season? This piece will go over some of the most popular cosmetic procedures we often receive requests for at the clinic during this time of year, including brow lifts and facelifts.

Brow Lifts

The holiday season is one in which you’ll get the chance to reconnect with friends and family alike. So this is the time when you’ll want to make sure that you’re putting your best face forwards. You might be surprised then how much an effect your brow has on your overall facial appearance. As we age, we can develop excess wrinkles and sagging in our brow, which might give us a natural appearance of looking angry, annoyed, or tired – not the most festive look! You can also pair a brow lift with eyelid surgery at the same time, to help keep excess skin out of your eye area.

Browlifts generally take two to three weeks to fully recover from, though you can deploy some coverup makeup right away. There may be also some numbness and itching during this healing period. By getting a brow lift over the holidays, you can give yourself plenty of time for recovery.

Face Lifts

While a brow lift can help deal with wrinkles and creases on the upper parts of your face, it might be that you want the holiday magic to go a little further. If you want to address wrinkles and creases in the lower part of your face – including the dreaded excess skin around the next – then you may want to look into a holiday face-lift. This procedure can do wonders for returning a youthful appearance to your face. You can even combine a facelift with other procedures, like the browlift mentioned above, for a more comprehensive overall result.

Getting a facelift will generally involve 4 days of swelling and bruising – something that the colder winter months can help with. After this, just like with the brow lift, you can expect a two to three week recovery period, after which you can start returning to work. The full facial rejuvenation should be manifested after about a month, or a month and a half.


For some of us, it’s not the wrinkles or creases that we want to address. You might have a face that we are overall happy with – but no one notices your great features due to a nose that is crooked, features a notable bump, or is simply too large. Or it could be that every winter you find that your too-narrow sinuses get clogged up much easier than your friends and family, leaving you gasping for breath and miserable, when you should be enjoying the festivities. Rhinoplasty is an incredibly flexible process, that lets you adjust the shape of your nose as you see fit, to get the results that work best for you.

You should take the first week off after rhinoplasty to rest – though the cold weather of this time of year can very much help with the swelling. Just keep your nose out of the dry wind or excess sunlight, and avoid too hot or spicy substances, and you should have a pleasant holiday recovery time.

Interested in learning if you are a good candidate for any of these procedures? Want to learn more about the brow lift and facelift recovery periods? Want to book a consultancy for a brow lift or facelift in Toronto or Newmarket? Then don’t hesitate to contact us right away – we’re always ready to help you look your best in any holiday season.

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