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Can I Get Ear Pinning Surgery As An Adult?

Child playing in front of a statute of large animal ears

Otoplasty, often known as ear pinning surgery, is a common procedure for children with notably protruding ears. The surgery can help set a child up for a future without worries about ear shape, structure, or potential health risks. Many adults consider it too late for them to get an otoplasty. However, there may be more options for ear pinning surgery as adults than you may realize! 

What is ear pinning?

Otoplasty generally refers to any cosmetic procedure used to adjust the shape and size of the ear. In general parlance, it’s referred to as ear pinning surgery. Ear pinning surgery addresses the issue of ears sticking out too far from the head, which can be somewhat distracting. Ears that stick out can draw attention away from more distinctive and attractive facial features.

The procedure itself is relatively simple and is considered minimally invasive by most board-certified plastic surgeons. A small incision is made in the natural folds of skin behind the ear, through which excess cartilage and skin can be removed, and the position of the ear can then be adjusted. After that, it’s simply a matter of a few stitches. Despite the cosmetic applications of ear pinning surgery, its usage is mainly relegated to younger children for a few reasons. 

Why do kids get otoplasty?

Generally, cosmetic operations on children tend to be frowned upon. So why get ear pinning for kids? Approximately five percent of the population has notably protruding ears. You might not realize that due to all the people who get this condition rectified as children. 

Children are in a unique position to benefit from ear pinning surgery. While many of their body parts are still growing, ears are often fully developed by age four or five. Younger children tend to have more flexible cartilage in their ears, which makes the process relatively easy to perform. They can get great results quickly — check out some of these otoplasty before and after pics. 

But why get ear pinning surgery for children? Generally, it’s done out of the hope of preventing teasing or bullying. Extremely prominent ears can significantly impact a child’s sense of worth and confidence. Since ear pinning is a simple and easy procedure, it’s a straightforward choice for many parents.

Otoplasty for adults

So why don’t more adults get otoplasty? Is ear pinning surgery that much more difficult for adults? 

The truth is not really. The main reason many adults don’t get ear pinning surgery is simply that they already had it done as a child, even if they don’t remember. Many adults also assume ear pinning is a “children’s” procedure and so don’t consider it. However, if you feel your ears protrude too much, you absolutely should start looking for a facial cosmetic surgeon to perform an otoplasty in Toronto. 

Otoplasty is easy and accessible for many people. Because of the small incision, it can often be performed with a local anesthetic. It also has a reasonable recovery time of about a week or so. (However, you should avoid full contact sports or other rigorous activities for about three months).

The procedure also leaves minimal scarring since the incision is mostly hidden within the folds of skin behind the ear. The process only takes a short time and is low risk. It’s really only the assumption that ear pinning surgery is for children that is holding you back!

Get more otoplasty answers

Of course, protruding ears aren’t the only cosmetic issue people can have with their ears. People might need earlobe repair, or want the size of their ears reduced. If you’re interested in otoplasty in Toronto, or just have questions about ear pinning surgery, don’t hesitate to contact us today and book a consultation with Dr. Richard Rival to learn more about your options.

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