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Do You Have A “Problem Chin”?

A chin implant can re-define your face

When it comes to our faces, some parts get more attention than others when it comes to framing your overall shape, or bringing out certain features. Rhinoplasties are an incredibly popular procedure because the nose is both a very prominent part of the face and because it’s fairly easy to tell if a nose is “off” – if it’s hooked or bulbous. By the same token, ears that stick out, or teeth that are crooked are easy to spot.

However, the overall appearance of your face is based on the sum of its parts. Too often when deciding on the appearance we would be most comfortable with, we don’t stop to consider the appearance of our chin. And yet, the chin can be one of the most important parts of developing an appealing facial silhouette. 

Since many people don’t give chins a second thought, they might not be able to spot if they have an issue with their chin – one of the so-called “problem chins” that can cause someone’s overall facial appearance to look a little “off”. Thankfully, if you can spot these “problem chins”, then you can take steps to get a chin implant, which can help resolve the issues. Here, we’ll cover some of the three most common chin structure issues. 

The “Weak Chin”

The Weak Chin is one of the most subtle issues with a chin, but also one of the most impactful. A weak chin, or weak jawline, is one that lacks definition. The term is often used to refer to chins that are “receding”, or that are positioned further back than is regular.  

Generally, weak chins are caused by genetics, but some people’s jawlines can also appear to change due to sagging skin as they age. Weak chins are often cited as a major point of self-consciousness for men in particular, as they create a very noticeable effect on profiles. 

The “Double Chin”

The Double Chin is just what the name sounds like – a situation where the chin appears to be “doubled” due to folds of fat. This tends to be distracting, as well as obscuring the natural contours of the chin and jawline. 

It’s often believed that double chins are only caused by weight issues, but that isn’t necessarily true. A double chin could be caused simply by the structure of the face and chin, rather than weight issues. This leads to people turning to weight reduction for their double chins and being frustrated with the lack of results. 

The “Asymmetrical Chin”

A weak chin involves the chin being placed too far “backward”, or is indistinguishable from a profile view. However, there are some chins that are simply asymmetrical from the front view, being tilted to the left or right, or being uneven in size. 

While this can be a case of genetics, more severe cases of asymmetrical chins tend to be caused by injury, or by some other underlying medical condition. Even a mild case of an asymmetrical chin can lead to a dissatisfying facial profile. 

Resolving a Problem Chin

Some people may feel that you’re just stuck with the chin you are born with. However, this doesn’t need to be the case. This is where chin implants come in. If you’ve seen any chin implant before and after pictures, you’ll know that a facial implant can go a long way towards redefining your face and giving you a profile that you can feel comfortable with. 

At Rival Cosmetics, we have a wide range of chin implants to select from. Getting a chin implant only takes an hour, and chin implant healing only takes about a week – but your bold new profile will last a lifetime. If you’re interested in learning what a chin implant can do for you, make sure to contact us today or schedule a consultation. 

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