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FaceTune or Facial Plastic Surgery?

girl looking at her phone - facetune app

FaceTune or Facial Plastic Surgery?

If you’re a social media influencer or follow video bloggers, you’re probably aware that, today, most influencing involves hours of editing with post production tools such as the Facetune App, Adobe Photoshop, or Premiere Pro. More and more people are making their living through social media, but this is leading to a greater demand for ways to always look picture perfect and achieve certain facial features.

Enter photo editing products such as the Facetune App. Whether it’s for models trying to start their portfolio, or established instagram influencers, being online means wanting to have your best face online. But is technology the way to go? As cosmetic surgeons, we’re very used to people wanting to look their best – but we also believe that some ways are better than others when it comes to surgical procedures.

The Problem With “Technological Face Lifts”

The idea that you can build yourself an “online” face is appealing to those nervous about cosmetic surgery. But there are more than a few problems that start to build up with the Facetune App approach, compared to natural facelifts. Problems such as…

Time: Cosmetic surgery is generally a one and done. Even for procedures that need repeating, a natural facelift will last a while. Every time you want a “Facetune Facelift”, it’s back to the editing app, taking minutes out of your day.

Cost: Like with the time investment, cosmetic surgery often gives you a set price. Relying on technology, you start to have the costs creep up on you over time – paying for new app features or subscriptions, or even paying an editor to handle the workload if you’re big enough. Over time, this expense could be more than an eyebrow lift cost. 

Only Online: Some of us may have forgotten this over the pandemic, but do you remember the before-time? When we interacted with people In-person? The “Facetune Facelift” may work in front of fans online, but not around friends or when meeting fans in person. This can be something of a stressful disconnect, as our online persona starts to drift from how you actually appear off the camera. 

Get a Social Media Appearance Solution That Sticks

At Rival Cosmetic Surgery Clinic, we get plenty of requests from influencers and aspiring models who want an adjustment to their image that will last a lifetime. While everyone is looking for something different, some of the most popular procedures in the age of Zoom calls and social media include:

Chin Implants: Chin implants and chin augmentation procedures are very in right now. Along with the nose, your chin is one of the most important parts of the face when it comes to creating symmetry. A chin implant surgery can help you develop the silhouette you feel works best for your face. With so many of us looking down at phone and laptop cameras, there’s a greater focus on the lower part of the face. Chin implant healing  and recovery period will generally take about a week – after which you’ll have an elegant new profile to your face.

Cheek Implants: The cousin to chin implants, cheek implants have become popular for much the same reason. While the chin helps build symmetry along a vertical line, cheek implants do the same for a horizontal line across your face. Cheek implants can actually be given at the same time as other procedures, such as a natural forehead lift or face lift. The cheek implants recovery time is only a little bit longer than for chin implants, and they’re just as permanent. 

Eyebrow Lifts: Brow lifts have also risen in popularity as of late. Once you get off the internet, you’ll find that eye contact is a pretty big part of social interaction! Eyebrow lifts can help remove distracting sagging or overhanging skin near the eye area, letting you enjoy your summer with total confidence. Like with cheek implants, this procedure can be combined with others at the same time, helping ameliorate the eyebrow lift cost.

Have More Questions?

Do you want to know extra information about chin implant healing or cheek implants recovery time? Eager to learn more about eyebrow lift cost and if you are a good candidate? Want the info on other procedures popular with social media influencers and models? Or simply want to be able to feel like a model? Contact us today with any questions you might have about our procedures and booking. We believe in letting people be as confident in themselves as possible – online and offline. 

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