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Can A Nose Job Promote Weightloss?

Nose Job Weightloss

We’re all searching for that magic way to shed excess pounds. 

From fad diets, new workout regimens, and an endless variation of supplements: our ongoing journey to perfect weight loss never ends. 

Today, we’re examining one of the most recent claims: can a nose job promote weight loss?

Can Rhinoplasty Surgery Help You Lose Weight?

The Claim:

Even in the most optimistic claims, rhinoplasty surgery is no replacement for a healthy lifestyle. Some people suggest that, for the right person, a nose job could make a real difference. The claim is that fixing a deviated septum could help a person lose weight.

How does that work? Having a deviated septum can have a direct impact on sleep. When your sinuses are clogged or your airways are obstructed, we tend to lose sleep. For some people, rhinoplasty is an effective answer, and some even may benefit from getting nose surgery for sleep apnea. Correcting the obstructed nasal passage(s) helps some people return to normal, restful sleep.

Studies have shown a direct correlation between loss of sleep and weight gain. Insubstantial sleep can slow your metabolism, making it harder to burn off calories. As well, when you don’t sleep enough, your body needs more energy, causing people to increase their caloric intake. 

The claim submits that by resolving a cause of sleep deprivation, fixing a deviated septum could help you lose weight.

The Verdict:

Rhinoplasty for weight loss is not a practical solution. However, a nose job is an effective way of fixing a deviated septum as well as to improve facial aesthetics. If you’re simply looking to shed some pounds, however, this is not an effective option.

The potential benefits of improving sleep may have a positive effect, but it’s not enough to make a dramatic change. There are plenty of great reasons to seek out rhinoplasty, but weight loss isn’t one of them.

Effective Ways to Shed Stubborn Fat

When you’re looking to drop stubborn fat, there are better options than a nose job. Of course, a healthy diet and exercise will help you reach your goals faster. But, if you really want to accelerate the process, you may want to consider CoolSculpting.


CoolSculpting is among the safest and most effective ways to reduce stubborn pockets of fat. Love handles, muffin tops, and all those places that workouts never seem to burn off are all targetable with CoolSculpting.

How does it work? The process specifically targets sections of fat, using concentrated cold to kill fat cells. In the coming weeks and months, your body removes the dead cells naturally. So you see constant improvements for up to 6 months! 

For the best results, combine CoolSculpting with healthy lifestyle choices; like exercise and a balanced diet.

Book Cosmetic Surgery in Toronto

Whether you are seeking cosmetic surgery for fat removal, or rhinoplasty for a deviated septum (septoplasty) or sleep apnea, one factor remains consistent—you need a great cosmetic surgeon! 

Dr. Richard Rival is a double board-certified facial plastic surgeon, renown for his knowledge of aesthetics and surgical expertise. He can assess your goals and help you understand your available options and their potential outcomes.

Book a consultation today for cosmetic surgery in Toronto.

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