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A Beautiful Face for TikTok?: Cosmetic Procedures for TikTok Fame

tiktok social media influencer cosmetic procedures

So you can dance, shuffle, and meme with the best of them, but your TikTok follower base is at a standstill. What gives?

A look under the hood of the application’s code reveals that getting TikTok famous isn’t just about the content you produce. There are metrics within the algorithm that measure the apparent attractiveness of the user by analyzing 86 points on your face. 

Videos where the user scores high for facial symmetry and beauty get higher rankings than asymmetrical faces. The methodology for the beauty algorithm appears to be based on A Benchmark Dataset for Facial Beauty Perception, a paper from researchers at the South China University of Technology. 

The dataset allows an algorithm to predict facial attractiveness using deep learning tech combined with benchmarks of facial features and statistical data.

So What is the TikTok Beauty Standard?

We’ve broken down some of the key features and factors that TikTok uses to rank beauty.

Nose Width

The nose is one of the most important features for balancing the aesthetics of the face. It is the central focus, tying together the brows, eyes, cheeks, forehead, and mouth. Nose width is measured as the widest part of the nose.

A standard measurement for a beautiful nose is 1/5th of the total width of the face and no wider than the distance between the eyes.

Adjusting nostril width is a common application of rhinoplasty. In addition to thinning the nose, it can also help reduce nasal flare, straighten the nose, and remove bumps.

Forehead Inclination

The angle of the forehead can have a direct impact on how TikTok predicts beauty. It can calculate if a forehead is too sloped, slanted, flat, or rounded to match its standard.

American model, Bella Hadid, is a common reference from patients seeking an ideal forehead inclination. An upper blepharoplasty (brow lift) can be used to remove the fat pad beneath the eyebrow, as well as revealing more eyelid. This mimics Hadid’s look, increasing the eye-to-eyebrow height and creating a more attractive face.

Skin Smoothness and Health

The South China University of Technology paper also identified skin texture as an important factor in the perception of female beauty. Smooth, healthy, and youthful-looking skin score better on TikTok algorithms, increasing visibility and garnering influence.

Dermal fillers and facial muscle relaxers are common Toronto med spa treatments. They can significantly improve the appearance of wrinkles and acne scarring, as well as reduce signs of ageing. The injections are simple, out-patient procedures that are safe and effective.

TikTok Beauty versus Instagram Beauty

TikTok is far from the only social media platform that leverages beauty algorithms. For instance, consider Instagram filters like the top hat and puppy ears. These filters use facial tracking software to define pixels. While these can make for a fun Insta Story, they also provide the algorithm with all the info it requires to assign a beauty score.

Just like TikTok, Instagram can understand and interpret beauty. TikTok, however, has more robust and complex beauty prediction capabilities. It uses deep learning neural networks to inform the artificial intelligence software to recognize features, patterns and symmetry to recognize beauty.

Is Beauty Essential to Become a Social Media Influencer?

Earning influence on any social media platform takes more than just beauty. The content needs to stand out and inspire viewers to like, follow, comment, and share. Showcasing talent, humour, fun, or creativity can help anyone reach success—although beauty certainly helps.

When TikTok detects beauty, it is more likely to show the video to more viewers. This means it gets seen by more people and has a greater chance of earning you more followers and interactions. 

Beyond technology, and even thinking back to Bella Hadid and the modelling world, people also interact with content featuring attractive people. But people also interact with smart comedy, “binge-worthy” Netflix shows, and even informative documentaries. So beauty isn’t the only path to TikTok fame, nor a guarantee of it. 

Be confident in yourself. Having something valuable to offer the world comes in many types of packages, voices and people.

If you’re considering plastic surgery or other cosmetic treatments to grow your following (or just for yourself!), schedule a consultation in Toronto with Rival Cosmetic Surgery.

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