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What is the Best Nose Shape For Your Face?

Two men playfully pinching each other’s noses.

For most people, the urge to get a rhinoplasty comes from dissatisfaction with the shape of their nose. This could be due to an injury, medical condition, or just plain aesthetic goals. But that’s just one half of the rhinoplasty equation.

It’s one thing to decide that the shape of your nose has to change. But how do you decide what your new shape will look like? Very often, indecision over the end result means that rhinoplasties are procrastinated, or even never performed. Choosing the right nose shape doesn’t have to be an impossible task, however. We’ll go over some simple steps to help you start thinking about what your new nose will really mean for you.

#1 Understand your happiness matters most

The whole point of a rhinoplasty is to get a nose that you’re comfortable with. So your first step should be to simply calm down, and take a moment for some self-reflection and self-care. What kind of nose do you imagine yourself with?

It’s true that you might want to change this ideal after a consultation and some expert advice. But it’s important that you center it on your own dreams – not what you think other people might want. You want to come out of the procedure with confidence, and a nose that you feel comfortable with.

#2 Figure out proportions

Your own happiness should always be your guiding star. But you probably want some more concrete information to help guide you through the process. So now it’s time to get down to the math. No, don’t worry, you don’t need to do calculus to figure out the optimal nose shape. But you should have a general idea of proportions in mind.

In general, certain proportions on the nose can look a little bit strange. It’s probably because one dimension of your nose is out of proportion to the others that you’re considering a rhinoplasty. The nose itself could be too large for your face, or perhaps the tip and bridge are too big.

A good rule of thumb is that when looking horizontally, a nose should take up about a fifth of your face. The length of the nose is a bit more subjective. But a good estimate is that the nose should be projecting outwards to a distance that is about 2/3rd the total length of the nose.

#3 Masculine or feminine?

Now, we’re not saying that noses have set gender identities. But it’s true that certain noses look more masculine, and certain noses look more feminine. For some, how masculine or feminine their nose appears is a very important part of the final rhinoplasty result.

Generally, feminine noses are going to be more slender, with a smaller, more delicate tip, often more upturned. More masculine noses will have a larger bridge. While feminine noses tend to have a slight inward curve to them, masculine noses are often more straight, or even feature a bit of a dorsal hump to them. If you want to adjust your face to seem more masculine or more feminine, take these factors into consideration.

#4 Use digital imaging

Still feeling confused? Having a hard time imagining how your future nose will look? Thankfully, there’s still options for those who have trouble with visualization. At Rival, we offer advanced digital imaging, letting you actually see what your face will look like with a variety of different noses. This means that you can get an exact idea of what various changes will actually look like, from all angles. With this technology, there’s no longer any reason to hesitate. All you need to do is book a consultation today, and we can show you what a rhinoplasty procedure can do for you!

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