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Monday–Friday: 9 a.m.–5 p.m.

Author Archives: Dr. Richard Rival

Woman bundled up for winter

Is My Rhinoplasty Recovery at Risk From Cold Weather?

For many, winter seems like the perfect time to get a rhinoplasty. The cold weather is perfect for reducing rhinoplasty swelling. Plus, many of us get some time off during the holiday season, letting us put up our feet as we wait for the rhinoplasty recovery period to end. However, while there are certain benefits …

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Holiday Food

Your Guide to Food, Drinks and Rhinoplasty Recovery

The holidays are here for many of our readers - a time of cheer, fun, and, most importantly, great food. However, if you are getting a holiday rhinoplasty, you should be aware that what you eat or drink can actually have a major impact on your rhinoplasty recovery times. No matter if you’re getting a …

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Happy woman in winter

Best Holiday Procedures at Rival

If you want to look your best for Christmas parties, Holiday dinners, and New Year’s Eve, it might be the right time to look into some great holiday procedures at Rival Cosmetic. But which procedures are best for the holiday season? This piece will go over some of the most popular cosmetic procedures we often …

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side Nose and chin profile of a women

Facial Balance – Can a Chin Implant Make Your Rhinoplasty Even Better?

A major goal of performing a rhinoplasty surgery in the first place is achieving facial symmetry and balance. However, sometimes, people still aren’t satisfied with the result of only changing their nose, and may consider revision rhinoplasty coupled with other surgeries or cosmetic procedures. Have you considered that the issues with facial balance might lie …

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Close up of 2 womens face's side by side

Double or Nothing: Getting the Most out of Your Clinic Visit

Cosmetic surgeries can do wonders for appearance, confidence, and social ease. But there are plenty of valid reasons to hold off on a great cosmetic operation as well.  However, sometimes, the only thing dissuading you from a rhinoplasty or other cosmetic procedure is the cost. But did you know that there are many cosmetic procedures …

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Happy autumn couple

Is Autumn a Good Time for a Rhinoplasty?

As they say, there’s a season for everything, and this includes the season you get your rhinoplasty surgery done. The season in which you choose to get a surgery can actually affect different parts of the rhinoplasty recovery process, for better or for worse That’s not to say that there’s any hard or fast rule …

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Woman's Septum

What Is A Septorhinoplasty Anyways?

You may have heard of the terms “septoplasty” or “septorhinoplasty”, but are not exactly sure what they mean - or what their exact connection is with the term “rhinoplasty”. At Rival, we’re all about making sure everyone who comes in for our services has a full understanding of what kind of procedures we offer. With …

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Feel good about your cheeks

What Can Cheek Implants Do For Me?

Cheek implants aren’t perhaps as well known as chin implants, nor their less permanent version of dermal filler in the cheek and other facial fillers. However, permanent cheek implants can go a long way towards refining the shaping and symmetry of your facial profile, while accentuating your best features. This blog will explain what cheek …

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Rhinoplasty consultation

Rhinoplasty Consultation: Six Important Questions

Before you can get a rhinoplasty, you need to undergo a rhinoplasty consultation. Rhinoplasty can be an amazingly life-changing experience, but also a little intimidating before going in.  Asking the right questions can be key to not only putting yourself at ease but also getting the best result possible. This blog will cover some of …

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Woman with facial fillers looking up and smiling

Facial Implants Vs. Facial Fillers

Facial implants and facial fillers are both cosmetic options used to alter the appearance of your face to make it look fuller, more defined and more youthful. Dr. Rival offers both procedures as he specializes in facial plastic surgery in Toronto and the surrounding area. So which one do you choose and how do you …

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