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Nose Job Weightloss

Can A Nose Job Promote Weightloss?

We’re all searching for that magic way to shed excess pounds.  From fad diets, new workout regimens, and an endless variation of supplements: our ongoing journey to perfect weight loss never ends.  Today, we’re examining one of the most recent claims: can a nose job promote weight loss? Can Rhinoplasty Surgery Help You Lose Weight? …

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Functional vs Cosmetic Eyelift

Functional vs Cosmetic Blepharoplasty

The eyes are the window to your age. No matter how healthy a lifestyle you maintain, signs of aging will always show in and around your eyes. Crows feet and droopy eyelids catch up with everyone. As a result, blepharoplasty (eyelift) is one of the most popular cosmetic surgical procedures in Toronto. It allows people …

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Nose Fillers

Considering A Non-Surgical Nose Job? Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Non-surgical nose jobs have taken off over the last couple of years. Making tweaks and corrections with no downtime, Torontonians are loving this low-cost rhinoplasty alternative. This approach allows surgeons to fix noses without surgery. That means less risk, less cost, less time, and a shorter recovery period. Not to forget, using “nose fillers” instead …

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Plastic Surgery for Sports Injury

Cosmetic Surgery For Sports Injuries

Although there are some athletes who proudly show off their ‘battle scars’, others are eager to get these injuries and scars repaired through cosmetic surgery. It’s entirely a personal preference. If you’ve decided to start the process of researching cosmetic surgery for your sports injury, you’ll quickly find that you’re not alone. Many amateur and …

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Buccal Fat Removal

Should I Get Buccal Fat Reduction?

Is buccal fat reduction right for you? We’re taking a look at the aesthetic results of this process, as well as what makes a good candidate. To start, let’s take a look at what buccal fat reduction is. What Is Buccal Fat Reduction? Buccal fat is a naturally-occurring fat pad inside of the cheeks. Depending …

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Endoscopic Brow Lift

Is A Brow Lift Right For Me? | Aesthetic Surgery

A brow lift is a type of aesthetic surgery that improves the appearance of the brow and forehead. For this reason, it’s sometimes known as a forehead lift. The procedure raises the tissue of the brow and forehead to rejuvenate your appearance. This cosmetic procedure can have a significant effect on the overall appearance of …

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Chin Augmentation

How Does A Chin Implant Change Your Appearance?

From addressing ‘weak chins’ to complementing rhinoplasty surgery, chin implants are a common facial implant. Chin augmentation is popular among both men and women and can be used to resolve a number of issues. The surgery itself only takes an hour, and recovery time is only about one to two weeks - that’s pretty good …

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Remove Bags Under The Eye: Comparing Eyelid Surgery vs Eye Fillers

Under eye bags are one of the visible signs of ageing we show on our face. As the fat supporting your eyes shifts into the lower eyelid, it begins to look puffy. Fluid can also accumulate, causing further swelling. Fortunately, there are effective treatments for puffy eyes. In this article, we compare the two best …

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